FROZEN Upcycled Photo Frame Tutorial – Craft

I’m still in love with “Let It Go” and I may have seen Frozen so many times that mommy has been thinking of hiding my movie. I am so not going to let that happen. Today I want to share with you another tutorial. This one you will have a lot of fun trying.

FROZEN Upcycled  Photo
Frame Tutorial


Photo frame (this one was purchased at a yard sale)

Krylon Metallic Silver Spray Paint

Martha Stewart  Fine
Glitter, Crystal

Self adhesive rhinestones


1. Remove the glass and backing from the frame.

2. Cover your outdoor work surface with cardboard or

3. Paint the sides of the frame.

4. Lay the frame flat on the work surface. Using slow back
and forth motions spray the front of the frame with paint.

5. While paint is still wet cover the front surface with the
Martha Stewart fine glitter.

6. Let frame dry completely.

7. Add the self-adhesive rhinestones around the front of the

8. Replace glass and insert a photo of your choice. Put
backing on frame.

Check out the before and after shot! I hope you enjoyed our tutorial and let me know if you decide to make one of your own. 

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