Unique Things One Can Only Experience in Las Vegas


In order to plan the perfect trip to a place like Las Vegas, you have to have done immense research about all that it has to offer. Sure, being known as the ‘Sin City’ does not leave much scope in terms of places you could visit, but you would be surprised at the numerous activities and places that are unique to Vegas, and I promise they won’t only be places to party.

The city is literally set to surprise you with such unique activities! Don’t miss out on these, explore the best things to do in Las Vegas!

Visit the Neon Museum

One such unique place that you ought to visit is, the neon sign graveyard. This is where signs go to die. Usually, when signs get broken or stop working, they can be found at a dump, but now these signs are being rescued, restored, and relocated to “The Neon Museum”. It has become a very popular spot for photoshoots and even weddings!

Go Ziplining and Zoomlining!

If you thought the city was more about swanky parties and had nothing in store for adrenaline junkies, here’s something you should know! Vegas is also home to the USA’s craziest zipline. Imagine flying above a throng of people with all the show-stopping lights and fireworks in the distance. It is tremendous fun, without a doubt! Add to that the fantabulous sky over Fremont Street, and you know this is nothing short of a crazy adventure. Take it a notch higher and try zoomlining, where you can literally fly like a bird!

Enjoy the quirky street-art

The street art and graffiti are something that shouldn’t be missed but usually gets overlooked in the glitz and glamour of Vegas. If you are a photographer, the art district is the place to be. It makes for a great backdrop for all your perfect pictures.

Tour the Seven Magic Mountains

Another colorful spot is the “Seven Magic Mountains”. It is literally just colorful rocks stacked on top of each other in the middle of the desert. It’s so simple, but it’s never been done before.

Explore the Pinball Hall of Fame and the Burlesque Hall of Fame!

There are far too many museums to choose from, but two that I found really interesting and ‘never seen before’ were the Pinball Hall of Fame and the Burlesque Hall of Fame. The first one offers an incredible collection of vintage pinball machines, and you can play to your heart’s content for 25 cents a pop. Now, the Burlesque Hall of Fame has a titillating collection of ephemera and pasties. Showcases the history and fashion of burlesque dancing.

Go biking!

Ride your bike in Blinking Man! It is part pub crawl and part psychedelic bicycle parade. Decorate your bike with lights, put on a fun costume, and join several other people for a bike ride around downtown Las Vegas. It’s totally random, fun, and 100 percent free!

All of these fun attractions to try, but not enough time or money? A trip planner could totally help you out in this situation. Don’t miss out on all the fun things you can do!

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