Reasons Why Neon Signs are Still Relevant

Marketing and advertising are encompassing many different means and strategies. One of the ways that you can help your business is through the use of neon signs. Here are some of the many purposes and utilities that keep these timeless and nostalgic pieces relevant to this day.

Why Neon Signs are Relevant

Can Relay Information Quickly

Neon signs are great for grabbing attention. In many businesses, this is very important to gain business. For many restaurants and stores, location often plays a crucial role in business. Foot traffic encourages people to come into your store, but the number of people that enter your store will vary depending on how enticed people are by your exterior design choices as much as the products and services you offer. A sign is a quick indicator to people that you are open for business, relaying important information to passersby. This is also important for anyone that is in a car trying to see if you are open on certain days or certain times.

Energy Efficient

One consideration that many businesses have for running theirs is the environmental factors. If you are someone that is trying to decrease the ecological footprint of their business, using a neon sign doesn’t use that much energy to keep lit. This ensures that the energy you use throughout the day and night is kept to a minimum. This also has an impact on your costs and finances, as your low energy bill will translate to savings on your operating costs. 

Visually Inviting And Attention Grabbing

Trying to find ways to get the attention of people can be difficult, but having a neon sign achieves these needs for your business. The look of a neon sign is not just effective in relaying information, but it also has a classic and warm look to it that draws people’s attention. If you go to a restaurant or business, something subconsciously will make you feel as if you are being invited into a setting that is welcoming when you see a neon sign. A neon sign feeds on the nostalgia factor that many people still love and constantly respond positively towards.

Cheap And Effective Advertising

Depending on the size of your sign and what you have on it, this in and of itself can be a form of advertising, especially in local areas when you are competing against other businesses in visual spaces. If you are using signs frequently, whether you are advertising changing products and services, or simply always upgrading, it is smart to buy wholesale neon sign products to ensure that you save on an already affordable means of informative advertising. If you operate your business in a busy part of town, where signage and visual ads are popular, using a neon sign will help you stand out. Additionally, if your sign is unique, this can be an attraction for people to come to your business as opposed to other businesses that do not have the flair of neon in their signage. 


Another benefit of the neon sign is that they are customizable. This translates to being effective and useful for all types of businesses and a wide variety of purposes. Having the opportunity to customize these signs means that you can design indoor decor, smaller pieces that fit inside your restaurant, or outdoor signs that are durable and useful for a far range of vision. You can also create signs that are not of the traditional look, and have designs of logos, or pictures. There is a lot of flexibility and potential for any business when it comes to custom creations for neon signage.

Can Be Used To Decorate And Design

People want to take pictures, and a sign provides you the opportunity to give your customers that ability. Create signs that fit well with the surrounding decor choices that will make ideal selfie opportunities. This will help attract customers to have a unique experience while in your store. Additionally, this translates to added marketing and advertising, as these photo opportunities will be shared on social platforms and give you, even more, brand awareness, without you having to even consider adding it to your marketing budget.

Why Neon Signs are Relevant

Signs come in many different shapes, sizes, and purposes. There are many businesses that would still benefit from the use of neon signs as a means of attracting customers, providing them information, or setting a tone for the atmosphere of your business. It is important to consider your business and how to incorporate unique design choices in order to best maximize your success.

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