Reasons Why You Should Know All The Types of RV Before Buying One

 If you’re thinking of buying an RV, you might have already decided that you’re jumping to an entirely different lifestyle. Whether you’re spending a weekend at the lakeside or getting out on the road entirely, having an RV accessible right away is pretty convenient. 

Reasons Why You Should Know All The Types of RV Before Buying One

Exciting, right? 

However, there are a few things that you should remember first.  RV is not a cheap vehicle that even when you take out a loan to purchase one, you’ll be facing years of accountability to handle the repayments. That’s why it pays to be careful and be smart with your decision. 

We advise you not to settle on that one trailer that caught your attention yet. RV buyers must do their research first on each type of RV in the market, and here’s the reason why.


There are typically nine types or classifications of an RV, and it can be easily grouped into two categories. 

1. If you like to drive the RV, there are: Class C, Class B, Class A, and Class AD

2. If you like to tow the RV, there are: pop-up, travel trailer, toy hauler, and fifth wheel

Choosing what type of RV you like depends on your preference. But there are more reasons why you should carefully study and choose what RV you should be buying.

Reasons Why You Should Know All The Types of RV Before Buying One


Money is the capital you need to buy an RV of your dreams, which is why it’s crucial that you can confidently identify and determine what’s your current financial situation. By determining your financial situation, you should be honest enough to identify your income sources, your current debt (if there is one), your daily living expenses, and other finances that you need to have a budget for. 

Your finances will guide you and eventually tell you if you can afford a more expensive and brand new RV, such as the Class-A motorhomes, or should you stick to a fixer-upper Class-C and work your way to customize it. 

It will be you who will face and handle the responsibilities of owning an RV. But it pays to be smart when it comes to your finances. 

Remember, RV is not a cheap vehicle. But if you have decided anyway, you can either pay cash upfront or check if you’re eligible for an RV loan. My Financing USA RV loans can assist you in filing one or checking if you’re eligible. You can check your interest rate and if you can afford the monthly repayments, too.


Defining your choice of lifestyle has a lot to do with choosing what RV type you should buy. You already know that you can either drive your RV personally or tow it with a car. What comes after is how, where, and why you’re choosing it. 

If you happen to choose drivable RVs, you’ll like the convenience it brings, especially if you’re driving with other people like your family or friends. That’s why it’s also important who will be residing in your RV. 

RV motorhomes offer this comfort because they are designed to have safety measures. Your companions can sit at the back and enjoy some food while you drive to another location. 

On the other hand, this is not possible for towable RVs. Aside from it not having any safety measures such as seatbelts, it’s also not designed to have a passenger on the trailer. However, there’s a catch when choosing a fifth wheel or a trailer. RV requires regular maintenance, and when it happens to a trailer RV, you need to unhitch it and leave it at the repair shop. 

But in the case of motorhomes, you don’t have any choice but to leave and temporarily stay at the nearest hotel to rest and wait for the maintenance to be done.


One more thing that you should consider is that every RV type has a different price value. That’s why we have listed the financial situation as the first thing since it considerably affects your RV choice. If your current financial situation can let you afford an expensive Class-A motorhome, then you’re good to lock on that dealership

However, even if your financial status can afford to buy an expensive RV, it pays to look at each RV type price tag. This way, you can weigh things out and decide what’s best for you. Remember that the price tag of each RV is not just the only expense you need to handle. Once you have the RV, you need to carry the responsibility of its maintenance cost and other expenses that you will incur in using it. 

A quick tip: The more you use your RV, the more expenses you will incur, mostly if you have decided to live on the road.

Reasons Why You Should Know All The Types of RV Before Buying One


The perfect question for this one is: who will be living with you when you have an RV?

It’s imperative that you can identify first and foremost who will be with you when you have an RV. Are you a couple? Are you going with your family? Or are you living a carefree single life on the road? Whatever your answer will be essential before you choose what RV type you should be buying. 

It’s all because you need to account for the weight and the number of people residing in your RV. Motorhomes can be a good idea for families, especially if you have kids around. But you can still bring your family when you choose a trailer and make sure that the car towing it has enough seats for your family. 

One caveat is it’s not entirely ideal when you decide to live on the road. The fifth wheel works for a couple, and many RV experts start from using the fifth wheel.


Having an RV and living a different lifestyle out of the traditional is exciting. It’s fun to be on the road and get to see new places every day. RVing is now made accessible to everyone. Now, people can file for an RV loan or pay cash upfront to start experiencing it. 

But, it’s best to remember that owning an RV is not an easy feat. That’s why you must do all the research about RVs before buying one, most especially what RV type you should be buying. You should also factor in these reasons before you make up your mind. RVs are expensive. It would be best if you get smart about it. 

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