How to Celebrate Mother’s Day From Far Away


How do we celebrate Mother’s Day from far away? This year, Mother’s Day may be a bit different for many of us due to the pandemic that’s happening worldwide. Many of our mothers are in various states, and being with them this year might be next to impossible for most.

How to Celebrate Mother's Day From Far Away - Mother-Daughter

Your mom should always know how much she means to you, but it’s especially important to make sure she feels loved and appreciated on Mother’s Day – the one day of the year that’s truly dedicated to celebrating her.

Planning a great Mother’s Day can be easy when Mom lives nearby, but when she’s far away, finding ways to make the day meaningful can be a bit of a challenge. Not sure how to show Mom how much you care on Mother’s Day when you aren’t nearby? Here are a few ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day from far away:

How to Celebrate Mother's Day From Far Away - Mother-Daughter Tieks


Consider gifting your mom a pair of Tieks, and know that when this is all over, you can totally twin it. Tieks have hands down become my favorite pair of ballet flats, and my wish-list is ever-changing due to the many colors that I always think I need to have. There are so many prints to choose from, patents, prints, classics and even a vegan collection for those opposed to wearing leather.

I wear them when I’m going to the store, going out to dinner, and even when dropping/picking up the kids to/from school and especially when I travel. Because they’re foldable, I’m able to stash them in my carryon, and they take up less space than a pair of sneakers would. Although I do take sneakers along with me, Tieks are my go-to shoes for when I’m visiting family and friends and walking through the airport. They’ve also become my go-to end of year school gift for teachers, and they’ve all loved them! They’re comfortable, classy, and totally worth the price.

You can also gift yourself a new pair, and if you have little ones like I do, there’s also a Little Miss Tieks collections so you can twin with your own daughter as well, just as Madison and I are doing.

How to Celebrate Mother's Day From Far Away - Mother Wearing Tieks

How to Celebrate Mother's Day From Far Away - Daughter Wearing Little Miss Tieks


Who doesn’t love to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers? Not only will she appreciate the thrill of receiving them, but she’ll also get to enjoy them for days to follow. Most florists will let you include a personal message to remind her how much you love and appreciate her – a gesture that’ll put this gift over-the-top!

If you want to surprise your mother with flowers at work, remember that Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday! If her office isn’t open that day, you may want to consider a Friday delivery to really catch her off guard and brighten her day.

Adults and Little Miss Tieks - How to Celebrate Mother's Day From Far Away


Maybe she doesn’t love flowers, or perhaps you’d rather be a bit more creative with your gift-giving. That’s OK! Put some thought into it and come up with a gift she’s sure to love.

Just a few examples of thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts include:

  • A digital picture frame. Load it with your favorite family pictures, and send new ones her way as often as you can to add to the collection.
  • A custom painting or illustration. If you’ve been blessed with any artistic ability, try to create something to brighten her space. If you aren’t gifted yourself, look for custom art ideas on Etsy for a fun and personal present.
  • A piece of jewelry. If your mother loves jewelry, get her a new necklace, ring, or charm for her bracelet to show her how much you care. Consider matching necklaces or rings to make the gift even more meaningful.
Mother-Daughter Tieks - How to Celebrate Mother's Day From Far Away


If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed some quality mother-daughter time, see if you can schedule a long-distance date and connect via video chat! Use FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Skype to sit down face-to-face and catch up over a glass or two of wine. You can watch your favorite movie together, play an online version of a well-loved board game together (Scrabble, anyone?), or simply catch up on conversation.

Adult and Little Miss Tieks - How to Celebrate Mother's Day From Far Away

SURPRISE HER (if you can)! 

The best Mother’s Day surprise of all for the mom who lives far away? Show up on her doorstep for a day or two of catching up and hanging out. If you can handle the drive or save enough cash to purchase a plane ticket, and you can spare the time, there’s no better present to give your mother than your presence.

How to Celebrate Mother's Day From Far Away - Adult and Little Miss Tieks

You know your mother best, so it’s ultimately up to you to plan a Mother’s Day gift that she’ll love – even if you’re far away. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from!

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