Top 6 Places to Visit in Slovakia

Top 6 Places to Visit in Slovakia

Slovakia is a country that many travelers overlook when it comes to building their list of places to go, despite the fact that it is in the center of Europe. It is perfect for all travelers but is especially attractive to those who are looking to experience a country with loads of culture and adventurers with beautiful scenery. The cities vary in terms of what they uniquely showcase, so be sure to experience them during your travels.

6 Amazing Places to Visit In Slovakia

High Tatras

The country of Slovakia is home to many mountain ranges. The tallest of those mountains is located in the High Tatras. These mountains provide beautiful vistas and views to look out from to neighboring towns and cities. Being the highest peaks in the country, these will provide a challenge for any hiker or adventurer, so be sure to prepare for the climb. It is a great place to see the beauty of the country in both the summer or winter months, giving travelers very different but equally gorgeous sights and picture-perfect memories. If you do choose to explore these ranges during winter, remember to bring along a set of skis and stay in the resorts to fully experience it, while the summer traveler or those looking for a more doable activity can take on the many hiking trails and mountain paths that suit each climbers abilities and desires.


Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and one of the biggest cities in the country. There are many places to visit and explore in the city, so be sure to contact Bratislava airport taxi to ease the trip and cut down on planning. There is a lot of history associated with the city, with the architecture of the homes and castles being a scene to marvel, as well as many museums and churches to take in the culture, that you’ll want to experience as much of it as possible. There is always something for any traveler to explore.


In the city of Kosice, there are plenty of sights to explore. It is the second largest town right behind Bratislava but holds a different feeling towards it. It is a different atmosphere that follows a slower pace than the nation’s capital. Although it is also home to statues, churches, and theaters, there is a more relaxed vibe associated with the surroundings. It is a place more suitable and inviting for the quiet traveler. Find a local coffee shop and read a book, being embraced by the environment.

Slovak Paradise National Park

For travelers looking to enjoy outdoor activities but not needing the challenge of climbing a mountain, the Slovak Paradise National Park provides the perfect setting. It is covered in a dense forest that is home to all sorts of natural beauties like waterfalls, rivers,  rock formations, and valleys. This is a perfect place to explore with the family as there are many paths that are suitable for hikers of all ages. Just be sure to research which paths work best for you and your group, as there may be more challenges for others down certain trails. Keep in mind that some of the challenges are part of the fun and will provide you memorable environments that set it apart from other parks. 

Spis Castle

If you are looking for somewhere to vacation to that is straight out of a fantasy, be sure to include Spis Castle on your places to explore while in Slovakia. The castle sits picturesquely on top of a hill with a far-reaching and breathtaking view of the mountain ranges around you. When you are done taking in the views, be sure to investigate and appreciate the details within the castle walls as well, as any fan of medieval architecture will come to awe at the restored structure. 

Top 6 Places to Visit in Slovakia


The small town of Bardejov is located in the northeastern part of Slovakia. The reason for its popularity is the fact that the city has maintained the medieval and gothic inspiration in its architecture, allowing it to stand out from many other cities and towns.  The old town is home to the Basilica of St. Egidius, which showcases the gothic design, as well as provides a great panoramic view of the town from its tower. Additionally, more history can be found and experienced in the Saris museum that houses many collections. For many historians, this town satisfies their desire to experience such culture.

There are plenty of cultures and traditions to experience in Slovakia, and if you can find the time to travel and explore, you will surely have plenty of opportunities to create wonderful memories. This humble and modest country may not attract many tourists, but that is part of the charm and allure that makes Slovakia unique.

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