5 Reasons to Visit Salzburg, Austria

Looking for a new spot to explore in Europe? How about Salzburg, Austria? If you aren’t familiar with this charming city, it’s a lovely spot to explore – it’s beautifully built, rich with history, and easy to navigate, not to mention affordable. And as Mozart’s birthplace, the backdrop for the Sound of Music, and the setting for a number of pivotal moments in history, there’s so much to see and do, you won’t get bored.

Not convinced you should add Salzburg as a stop on your next trip? Here are just a few reasons I’d encourage you to go!

Old Town

Few places feel as magical as Altstadt, Salzburg’s Old Town. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped back into time as you navigate the winding, stone-paved streets, passing by centuries-old buildings. Give yourself plenty of time to explore, and don’t be afraid of getting lost – finding your way around is half the fun! This historic area is packed with churches, shops, and restaurants, all worth exploring, along with several hotels, making it a great spot to stay when you’re in Salzburg.

The Food

Love to eat when you’re on vacation? You’ll feel right at home in Salzburg. It may not have an international reputation as a foodie capital, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of options you’ll find here – not to mention, the quality of the cuisine. You’ll find restaurants serving up dishes from around the world; bakeries putting out fresh loaves and pastries; charming coffee shops; and more. From Michelin-starred spots that require advanced reservations to restaurants that focus on local specialties and embrace Austrian comfort food, it’s easy to fill up and stay within your budget—whatever that looks like for you!

The Natural Beauty

Geographically, Salzburg is an interesting city. It’s surrounded by mountains, many of which you can climb to take in wonderful views of the rooftops below and the forests and fields beyond its borders. Unlike some cities that feel far removed from nature, you’ll feel connected to the outdoors when you’re here. Hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will feel right at home with so many recreation opportunities at their disposal.

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The Views

Those views from the mountaintops I just mentioned? They’re a reason of their own to experience Salzburg. There are many different vantage points in and around the city that’ll treat you to some of the most spectacular skylines, rooftop views, sunrises, and sunsets you’ve ever seen. Bring your camera—you won’t want to miss your chance to capture these moments.

The Churches

Anyone who’s been to Europe knows you’ll find stunning churches and cathedrals virtually everywhere you go. Salzburg is no exception. Instead, it stands out for having a staggering number of gorgeous churches – all free and open to the public. Whether you want to attend a service or simply want to admire the architecture and artwork that’s gone into the interior, you won’t run out of spots to explore while you’re here.

There are far more reasons to visit Salzburg than I could possibly list here. These are just a few of the highlights you’re sure to appreciate when you’re there.


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