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I now officially have two teenage boys in my household. Kyle is now 17 while Mikael just recently celebrated his thirteenth birthday. While I’m elated, if there is one thing about teen boys that you should know, it’s that they aren’t the best smelling humans on the planet, well mine aren’t. Today’s conversation is made possible with the help of Tom’s of Maine, and how you can model good hygiene for your teenagers and the reason I switched.

Before I begin, I want to share a little story with you. A few years ago, just before Madison was born, I noticed that I was breaking out whenever I used deodorant. I chalked it up to my being pregnant and that my hormones was just going wonky, however there was no way that I could eliminate using deodorant entirely. A good friend of mine recommended Tom’s of Maine because as she stated, “it was natural with no aluminum”, something that I always thought you needed when it came to deodorants. She also recommended their other products. My body was hurting and I decided, why not give it a try, after all it couldn’t hurt, right? It has been 5 years and I haven’t looked back. If you have been visiting my site for any length of time, you may realize by now that I try and include a lot of natural products in my lifestyle, not only because it’s better for me, but for the environment as well. So how can you ensure that you are not only practicing good hygiene but helping the environment?

1. Take and encourage daily showers

Taking a daily shower is a must! Is it just me, or do boys just don’t like taking daily showers? Once your child becomes a teenager and hits puberty, daily showers are recommended. Encourage them to wash their private areas, including underarms with soap and water. If you’re unfamiliar with Tom’s of Maine, they also manufacture bar soaps and body washes.

2. Wash your hair

Now this all depend on the type of hair you may have, and of course your child. If your child is prone to oily hair, then a daily wash may be required. However, if you are the complete opposite, then washing your hair once or twice a week may be all that is needed.  Dirty hair looks unkempt and may even make your skin prone to acne.

3. Use deodorant

This is a big one!! I highly recommend using Tom’s of Maine as it is the #1 natural deodorant brand with a number of award-winning products among its deodorant portfolio. They offer many scents, including Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemongrass so there’s a scent for any and everyone to love. I have long become conscious of what I put in my body and on my skin, and the same goes for my household. Tom’s of Maine believes in the power of nature, just as much as I do, and their odor-fighting deodorant features hops and natural fragrances, along with blends of vegetable oils, organic aloe leaf juice, and other plant-based ingredients. What that means for me is 24-hour odor protection that I can trust.

4. Brush your teeth

Unless you think being an adult without teeth is rather cute, I would suggest brushing twice daily. Not only should you encourage daily brushing and flossing, but bad oral health leads to bad breath and loss of teeth. Something no teenager wants. Tom’s of Maine also makes toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss, so your family’s oral care is covered.

5. Be a good role model

Your kids are watching you, whether they’re 5 or 15. If you model the above, your kids would likely follow your lead. Talk to your kids early about their hygiene and don’t wait until it becomes a problem. Don’t be too harsh, yet be firm. Remember they’re going through a stage that is unfamiliar so it’s up to you to guide them through it. They’re also looking at the products you use, so if you’re using products that are environmentally safe, it’s something that they will also use products that are safe for the environment as well.

There’s a reason my family has fallen in love with Tom’s of Maine products. They never do any animal testing and neither do they use animal ingredients. And with every purchase, Tom’s of Maine donates 10% of their profits back to helping people and our beautiful planet. We made the switch years ago, because I realized that it’s just as important that I know what goes in my body, as much as I do what goes on it.

So give Tom’s of Maine a try, you won’t regret it!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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