Throwback Thursday: Baby’s First Foods

Yesterday my writer wasn’t feeling well and today she’s doing a little better but we didn’t want to disappoint you like we did yesterday so without further ado we present…

For those of you new to my site Throwback Thursday takes you back to my past which wasn’t too long ago actually. I show you a much smaller version of me, tell you a little bit about it and give you some tips to go along with my photo.

This picture was taken when I was 4 months old and mommy had just started to introduce solids. So what tips do I have for you today? How about introducing foods to your baby.

When do you introduce solids to your baby? This is all up to you. Mommy has friends who introduced cereal after only a few weeks in order for their babies to sleep better through the night. Your pediatrician may tell you between 4 and 6 months. What will I tell you? Whenever you think your baby is ready. Once again this choice is all up to you.

So how do you know when your baby is ready? This is what is recommended once again. If your baby can sit (with support) and can hold up her head and neck as well. If your baby is interested in eating whenever she sees you eating and tries to grab your food, that’s what happened with me, and also if your baby seems hungry after you’ve just finished giving her a bottle then it’s time to introduce something a bit more than just formula. 

Well what should I give baby? Single grain cereals as baby’s first food is what most pediatricians would tell you to start with. Unfortunately not all babies like those cereals. I was one of those. I hated it so it just sat there but there are strategies for helping baby to like it. Add applesauce or juice in there. After all everyone likes sweets. Once mommy did that I gobbled it up. Nothing like applesauce. 

Should I give fruits before veggies? I love them both but mommy recommends doing veggies first. There are some that you just know baby is going to love such as sweet potatoes and carrots because they tend to be sweeter than others. Introduce them one at a time and use them for a few days to check for allergies.

What about foods to avoid? The big three that mommy was told to avoid during my first year was raw honey, eggs and nuts. Eggs and nut products (such as peanut butter) because of the allergy factor and honey because it can cause infant botulism.

Homemade or store bought? Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying those ready made meals in the jars. You can make your own purees and it works out a lot cheaper as well. Once again you don’t need an expensive baby bullet, your own blender can do the job just as well. You also know what is in every meal. Do you really know what some of those ingredients are in that jar of baby food you just bought? 

Well once again these are just a few tips for your baby’s first foods. Are there any that you my reader recommend? Leave them in the comments we would love to read them. 

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