CVS Pharmacy Now in Colorado

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, there are a few things that say Brooklyn. Heading to the park for a game of basketball with the kids in the summer, running through the sprinklers at the park, visiting the Brooklyn’s Children Museum and even going for a ride on the Cyclone at Coney Island. However, when it comes to getting the necessities we need when we’re not feeling well, one pharmacy has always stood out and that’s been CVS. There seemed to be a CVS Pharmacy within walking distance of wherever you are, which made me believe that their acronym truly did stand for Convenience, Value & Service. We however moved to the beautiful state of Colorado four years ago and the one thing that stood out to me here was that there was NO CVS to be found, so I was pretty excited when I got the news that CVS was finally making it’s way to the Western US and Colorado was included on that list.

For the first time ever, CVS Pharmacy now has an actual presence in Colorado. These pharmacies are currently residing inside your local Target stores, or at least the Target stores that included pharmacies. These pharmacies have now been rebranded to CVS pharmacies. Currently there are 39 locations throughout Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and many other communities, and plans are in place for free standing CVS pharmacies with the first one on schedule for the year 2017.

We attended an unveiling event in Denver and was able to speak with Mr. Tobin Zdarko, the Healthcare Market Leader for the area, who assured me that nothing has changed in regard to the service. They are also making things easier for the elderly by providing the CVS app (available in both the Android and Apple Store), so that they can spend less time in the store, making the process of refilling and picking up prescriptions much easier. Also, when you sign up for the ExtraCare® rewards program, which in turn also saves you money, you can link it to your app so you can keep track of your savings.

At this event we got a first hand look at how the layout of the CVS Pharmacy within Target and how these new pharmacy care offerings and innovative digital tools will benefit Target customers with expanded wellness options and increased access to care. While there the CVS Pharmacy corporation also donated a $50,000 check to the Colorado’s Children Hospital.

I, for one, am very happy that CVS is now here and I’m excited that they’re also inside Target locations. I’m a big fan of both brands, and you know the adage, you can’t go into Target and come out with just one thing, now you can’t go to CVS Pharmacy and leave with just your prescription either. Welcome CVS Pharmacy to Colorado!

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