Typical Things to Know About Austria | Ultimate Guide

Austria is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world and a top holiday destination. The country of art, music, Mozart, and luxury is a must-see! However, while an itinerary is relatively easy to plan after some research, there are several essential things you should know before kicking off your exploration. Most of them are quite basic, but they can tilt your trip on an axis. So, let’s go through an ultimate guide of typical things you should know about Austria!

Austrians Are Friendly and Expect The Same from You

Austrians are one of the friendliest people in the world! So, they will expect the same courtesy of you, too. So, make sure always to say “Hello,” and “Goodbye,” as a simple greeting can get you quite far here. Also, remember to compliment the food if you enjoy it, and be generally responsive if someone offers you help. We also encourage you to strike up a conversation with the locals if the opportunity presents itself! They really are a friendly bunch, so be nice in response! 

Desserts Are a Must

Though Austrian cuisine is not as well-praised as, let’s say, Italian or French, you simply cannot leave the country without trying out the desserts!

Did you know that it was Austrians who discovered the soft and creamy croissants? Not the French, as most would think. And this is only the surface of the goods they keep hidden.  

Make sure you try out traditional Austrian Chocolate Cake or the famous Viennese Apple Strudel. But, really, all pastries made here will melt on your tongue, and even if you do not have a sweet tooth, you are bound to leave with one! 

All Cities Are Worth Seeing

Naturally, most of your itinerary will focus on Vienna since the capital city is the center of the culture and history of the country. However, we urge you to explore more. See other cities and villages, indulge yourself in everything else Austria has to offer and bask in the lightness of sightseeing without big crowds around you. For example, hop on the Vienna to Salzburg train to explore the birthplace of Mozart and enjoy other fun and historical attractions of a wide variety. Or make a day trip to the villages of Kufstein and Maria Worth to see authentic Austrian countryside. 

You Should Try Speaking Their Language 

As with most other countries, Austrians really appreciate foreigners trying to speak their language – Austrian German. You might be good to go if you know German in general, and it is true that some of the words sound very similar to English. However, we believe it is a good idea to brush up on your skills and get a dictionary. Nothing drastic – just try to learn the most basic or helpful phrases to make your trip easier and get a rewarding smile for it! 

Say ‘Servus!’ instead of your usual hello, and try ‘Baba!’ for a cheerful goodbye. Austrians will adore it! 

Mountains Are Also a Must

The way eating dessert is a common rule in Austria is nothing compared to how seriously you should take mountain climbing or skiing. The country is blessed with the highest and most extensive mountain range in Europe – the Alps. The part covering Austria is so stunning and magnificent, not visiting would be a sin! You can choose any way you like – skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, or if you are not into physical pursuits, simply taking a lift to one of the summits. Whichever the way, take the mindblowing nature Austria provides and make the most of it. 

Vienna’s Nightlife Is Impressive

Now, you must think Austria is a destination for a relaxing, culturally packed, and elegant holiday. While you are not wrong, you should know that they also like to entertain! Therefore, if you decide to spend several days in Vienna, you should really wait until nightfall and go out. 

The streets are packed with cheerful locals and tourists, and bars are loud yet not annoying, offering the best drinks and eclectic music. Meet energetic and friendly people of all ages and ethnicities, dance and drink, and listen to live music! Then, when the lights go out and darkness falls around the city – it might as well turn into the most electric party ever! 

Austrians Are Very Punctual 

Going perfectly with the aristocratic feel of their cities, Austria is known to be a nation of very punctual people. So you might want to apply, as well! 

They do not appreciate tardiness and being late, so we suggest that if you have an engagement in your plans, arrange your timetables so that nobody has to wait for you. That applies to restaurant reservations, tickets of any kind, or any kind of meetings you might have in the works for you. Entirely opposite from Italians, from which no one expects punctuality and order (which is fine, of course!), Austrians are proud of the way everything in their schedule is planned out. Remember that this also goes for trains, buses, tours, and the rest of it. Keep a clock on you at all times! 

In Conclusion

There you go! Now that you are familiar with several typical yet quite significant things about Austria, no doubt your trip will be a successful one. Make sure to follow our advice, be respectful and friendly, and you should be fine. Make the most of your trip, and have the best time in Austria! 

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