3 Reasons Why Windows Are the Most Important Part of Your Renovation Project

Not everyone considers the importance of windows when they renovate their home. But windows can add more than one dimension to your home. They add much more than aesthetic value to your living spaces. They add functionality as well.

The type and placement of your windows can dictate the aesthetic of your house. The same goes for the size of the window. This is why windows play a big role in home improvement designs.

But, not everyone is clear about the functionality of windows. We’ll discuss how windows add aesthetic value and functionality to your renovation.

  1. They Pay for Themselves

Home improvement can be a costly undertaking, to say the least. You may end up spending thousands of dollars on renovation if you haven’t done it before. Applying for home improvement loans can help you here.

You can estimate the cost of the loan you’ll need using online tools from home improvement loan sites. Since windows can be costly, these loans will help you renovate your home the way you’d like.

You can choose your contractor via a home improvement loan website as well. You can connect with a contractor that understands your budget and renovation vision. Renovation loans in Florida and other states are accessible thanks to this feature.

After all, people hesitate to apply for these loans because they assume it’ll be inconvenient. Also, anyone renovating their home will know how much time and money it takes to add windows. The same goes for changing the shape and size of existing windows.

But, you should know that these windows will pay for themselves sooner or later. Renovated homes have an increased value in the real estate market. Windows are among the most striking features of any home.

So, it follows that a home with renovated windows will have great resale value. If you decide to sell your home after renovation, windows would be a good investment. After all, who wouldn’t prefer a home with more than one window?

Buyers may hesitate to choose your home if your windows aren’t in good condition. Reselling would be easier if your buyer is happy with the state and placement of your windows.

Window installations will help you set yourself apart from the competition in the market. So, they help you recover the costs of the home renovation loan you applied for before you started work.

  1. They Improve Safety

Functional windows are a great safety feature. Windows that open and shut can help you avert disasters. After all, windows are great exit points in case of emergencies.

In damp weather, windows can become a pain to open or shut. Moisture in the air can cause your windows to get stuck. Jammed windows can be more than a little difficult to open. In case of an emergency, you can see why this would be a safety hazard.

Renovating your windows will help you escape in such situations. New windows have features that allow for convenient opening. So, you wouldn’t need to smash your windows to exit your home if you ever need to.

The mechanisms in these windows make them easy to open without brute force. The material you choose for your windows will determine the mechanisms they use. You can choose fiberglass or wood for your window frames. Vinyl is a popular option too.

The material doesn’t matter if you renovate the frames. Renovated frames often feature tempered glass that doesn’t splinter. The same goes for laminated glass.

Windows also add to security measures in your home as you can add locks on them. These locks would prevent intruders from breaking into your home. You can add sensors for the same purpose as well.

The sensors will alert you if an intruder is trying to enter your home. This warning would give you enough time to call for help or exit your home. More often than not, it’s not easy to install sensors on old windows.

You would need to renovate your windows for them to work. Also, in case of intruders entering through your door, you can use your windows to make a quick exit. This wouldn’t work if your windows are old.

  1. They Save Energy

A renovated window will help you save a lot of energy in the long run. These windows feature designs that protect your home from extreme weather conditions. The modern designs help control the internal temperature of your home.

In doing so, they help you save the energy needed to control the temperature from the inside. Replacing or updating your windows during the renovation will help you achieve the same.

Inefficient windows are responsible for up to 30% of energy usage in your home. You should choose the most energy-efficient windows to save energy. It’s important to consider your climate before renovating your windows.

You should also consider the current state of your windows before you renovate them. This will help you decide if you should update or replace them. If your windows are in good condition, you can update them while renovating.

You can ask a home improvement expert to assess the condition of your windows. They’ll check for air leaks and other signs of damage. Then, they’ll recommend the steps you can take to make your windows more efficient.

If your windows aren’t in good condition, you should replace them. You can replace the windows in their current frame to save costs. But, an expert might decide that the frame needs replacement too.

You can then choose frame and glazing types to replace your windows. You should check the ENERGY STAR label on new windows before you buy them. This rating will help you understand the window’s energy properties.

You should also check NFRC’s energy performance labels for the same. Windows with good ratings will trap heat during the winter months. They’ll also help you keep the heat out in the summer months.

So, they help you save money on energy bills throughout the year.

In Conclusion

Renovating your windows should be a priority in your home improvement plans. Sure, this can be costly if you have many windows in your home. But, it’s possible to manage costs with home improvement loans.

Also, if you’re wondering how to apply for these loans, the process is simple enough. You would first need to decide how much work your home needs. Then, you’d need to work out a renovation budget.

All that’s left to do after that is to choose a home improvement loan provider.

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