The Impact Home Renovations Have on Your Home’s Value

The Impact Home Renovations Have on Your Home’s Value

Home renovation projects come in all sizes and budgets, all to increase the value of one’s home. Renovating your home can cost between twenty and twenty-five cents on the dollar. The other seventy-five to eighty cents will go back into your home’s value. So where do you begin this renovation process? The answers are relatively simple to say, the work comes when you start your renovation.

Start with a list, always begin with of list of what you desire to accomplish with this renovation. After you complete your list of changes and upgrades to make, it will be time to assess your budget. Determine what you are able to handle within the constraints of a budget to ensure you do not exceed it. One smart step to take, would be to meet with a realtor or a contractor to get advice on the return you will receive, whether you are selling now or in the future.

So you must be thinking, where should I start? First breathe, then tackle one room at a time to avoid the overwhelming feeling of taking on too big of a project. Remember, remodeling can consist of rearranging the furniture between rooms, updating your decor, or making physical changes to the home’s structure. Assess what each room needs and the timeline you have envisioned for completion.

Renovating your home adds major value to your home. Not only are you going to enjoy your improvements, but when it comes time to sell, your home will be buyer ready. There are several spaces in your home that naturally will add value when renovated. These spaces include the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor space or the curb appeal. Surprisingly these spaces can be improved on any budget to maximize the attractiveness of an area.

Below are the top spaces to renovate that increase your home’s value:


Paint, one of the most straightforward and most cost-effective improvements that you can make to increase value. Fresh coats of paint will make a room come alive, and the update of color will be sure to draw the right attention. Cooler tones are generally more attractive to buyers and more soothing to the eye while you are still enjoying your home.


This is usually a smaller space that can cost more than just paint. Update or replace the vanity, along with installing more modern light fixtures that provide the proper lighting, especially around the mirror. Adding modern tile floors with new grout can improve the overall feel and look of this space.


Change the paint! Take a fresh coat to the walls of your kitchen, for they endure many conditions from heat, steam, and splatters that make their way to your walls. New backsplash tile can add a new look with a personalized style. Do your research, make sure your cabinet color and finish go well with your new wall color. Don’t forget that rolling island if you don’t already have one, these create a great workspace as well as attractiveness to potential buyers.


First, take a look at your house from the sidewalk across the street. How does it look? Attractive, welcoming, and structurally sound is what it needs to look like. Accenting your walkway with flowers or solar lights can add to this appeal. Paint your door a welcoming color and keep the doorway clean from dust, dirt, and those annoying cobwebs that pop up.

Renovating these spaces along with any other desires you have for your home, will make your living space more enjoyable for yourself and the potential buyers. The importance of enjoying your home should be held to a high standard in your mind, as well as being aware of how buyers can be persuaded by updates and improvements to a home’s design and structure. These tips will be sure to increase the value of your home.

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