9 Bucket List Items You Need to Tick off Within Your Dog’s Lifetime

Goldendoode Puppy

It’s a shame that dogs don’t live as long as humans. It’s your job as a loving pet parent to make sure your dog’s life is full of beautiful experiences. Plan on doing things that help create a lifetime of memories with your dog and make you go teary eyes when you are old. To help you get started, the following are 9 bucket-list items you need to tick off within your dog’s lifetime.

Bucket List Items You Need to Tick off Within Your Dog’s Lifetime

Going Swimming

Dogs love to swim, especially if it’s a hot summer day. If you have your own personal swimming pool, then this might not be a bucket-list-worthy activity. However, if you don’t, going swimming with your dog is definitely worth the effort. Watch your dog freak out at the sight of water and spend the day doing cannonballs and playing water fetch.     

Gourmet Feast at a Fancy Location

Look for discounted pet deals to find the best dog foods and products money can buy. Now, head over to a beautiful location to share a nice meal with your dog. It can be a picnic in the backyard or on a distant beach.

Going to the Beach

For people staying near the ocean, taking the dog to the beach may seem like an everyday affair. However, if you live far from the beach, this is an adventure that’s definitely worth embarking upon. Pick up some toys and treats and get ready for a road trip with your dog that leads you to a nearby beach destination.

Puppy playing with a ball

Visiting a Dog-Friendly Restaurant

There are plenty of restaurants that not only allow dogs in but also serve pet-friendly dishes. Just a quick Google search will help you find an excellent pet-friendly place nearby. Your dog not only gets to go on a car ride but also gets to share a meal with you at a restaurant.

Organizing a Birthday Party With Dog Guests

Invite fellow dog lovers and their pets to a birthday party held for your dog. Serve dog-friendly food and host games.

Going Camping

Sometimes you just need some quiet time with your dog. Going camping with your pet is a great way to escape the daily chores and spend time with your dog outdoors.

Puppy sitting in grass

Turn On The Sprinklers For A No-Holds-Barred Wet Fun

Hot summer days are the worst until you turn on the sprinklers in the yard and let the dog loose. Dust out those water guns and fetch toys for a day of wet fun with your dog.

Having Ice-Cream Together

There are ice creams for dogs available now. Why keep your dog from experiencing something as amazing as having a cup of frosty vanilla cream?

Find Your Dog A Canine Best Friend

Dogs have evolved to be around humans. However, it’s important not to forget that they are quite social in the wild. African wild dogs and wolves all live in social groups. To help your dog make a best friend, head over to the local dog park for a session of socialization.

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