Keep Your Cool With these Must Have Summer Essentials ~ #BBXXPBP

What are summer essentials? For me, it’s items that you should never be without, whether you’re going to the pool, the beach or simply enjoying some quality time with friends and/or family. Today I’m sharing a few summer essentials that really should keep on hand this summer.

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Summer is most definitely my favorite season of all. The warm weather, getting rid of extra layers of clothing and simply enjoying the outdoors. Whether that means taking the kids to the amusement park, the pool or just relaxing on the deck, this list of products is most certainly a “can’t live without”. From enhancing my skincare routine to chillaxing with a fine glass of Rosé, I’ve got you covered.


Having something that will keep you cool during the warm summer weather is a must. Summer is all about keeping your cool and sanity, and what is summer without tea? That’s where Pure Leaf comes in. Personally, I prefer organic teas and the Pure Leaf Tea House Collection Organic Black Teas are exactly that, but so much more.

While there’s a myriad of flavors to choose from, my personal favorite is the Strawberry & Garden Mint, but Spiced Chai isn’t going to play second fiddle. They both have that perfect blend of flavor, but that may be because they’re expertly crafted by Tea Masters (yes, there’s such a thing). Explore more of the Pure Leaf Tea House Collection.


Did someone say ice-cream? How can you have a summer without ice-cream? Do you remember the days of the ice-cream truck riding through the neighborhood and waiting to get your favorite? Well, I now have a new favorite. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is so much more than ice-cream though, it’s deliciousness wrapped up in a sweet rice dough.

These fun Mochi snack comes in a variety of flavors and being the Caribbean girl that I am, would have to say that Mango is my true love. Once that sweet rice doughy exterior melts in your mouth you’re left with milky premium ice cream that makes you say “Mmmmmore!”. What’s special about My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream is that since they all individually sealed, you simply take what you want and save the rest for later. That’s if you can.

Find My/Mo Mochi at your local supermarket and get a $1 coupon or cash back on your next purchase.


Staying comfortable should always be at the top of your list for the summer. However being comfortable doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be classy. That’s why I’m in love with my Coobie Lace Back Scoopneck and Lace Bralette. First, let me explain. I have larger (girls, boobs, breasts) whatever your favorite name is and I HATE wearing a bra. I hate bras that dig into my skin because of the wires, and I just cannot sleep in them. These bras are super comfortable, and perfect for just lounging around.

The very first time I tried one on I exclaimed “Oh my goodness, these are COMFORTABLE! I can sleep in these!’. No pads, no wires, just awesomeness. But they didn’t sacrifice fashion for comfort. They are rather sexy but still perfect for everyday use. If you’d love to give Coobie a try, use code BAB30 and save 30% off your order. This code is valid until June 2019.


During the summer my skin gets parched. It’s as if the warm weather just sucks all the moisture out of my body.  Lucky for me Colleen Rothschild Beauty collection helps with that. Their Beauty Water which is my personal favorite helps with hydration. Featuring, coconut water, cucumber and watermelon extract and hyaluronic acid, it gives that hydration that my face needs. I keep this one in my bag for that added moisture whenever I’m out. I mist before I leave the house, and mist whenever I’m outside as well. It

Don’t discount the Sheer Renewal Cream. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone, so oil-free moisturizers are what I need. This one is not only light but still gives me that hydration without leaving my skin feeling heavy. Since it’s breathable and leaves my face feeling so soft, it has become another favorite. As an added bonus, you can even use it as your makeup primer. Double win!

If you’d love to give Colleen Rothschild Beauty a try, use code BOXX20 for 20% off all regular priced items.


Rosé the day away! 

I love wine, but ever since the inception of Rosé wine, it has become my favorite and is the perfect spring/summer wine. I love the delicate sweet taste and you can always find me sipping away on a glass when I’m in the kitchen, or even when watching one of my favorite TV shows.

Cavit, the makers of America’s #1 Italian wine offers their Cavit Rosé which is perfect as a stand-alone or paired with fish dishes, white meats, and lighter first courses. It’s fresh, crisp and light and the flavors are outstanding. This is a must-have for summer and all year round if you ask me.

So pick up these summer essential and keep your cool all summer long!

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