Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece

Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece

There is a good reason Greece is a favorite travel destination. From its robust culture to its unique history, there are places in Greece that are worthy of all sorts of personalities and there are cities that are absolutely wonderful for the entire family.

The country boasts everything from tranquil beaches to bustling cities, ancient ruins to modern art hubs. For those wanting a curated experience, taking tours to Greece ensures an immersive journey, highlighting both the well-trodden and hidden gems of this captivating land.

If you ever find yourself wanting to go to Greece with your family, here are the top ten places that you should visit.

Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece


When you visit Greece, you’re going to find plenty of iconic places around the country that are worth visiting. One of them would be the capital of Greece, which is Athens. With its interesting history and beautiful backdrop, not stopping by Athens means that you’ll miss out on a lot.

One obvious thing to do in Athens would be to visit the many historical sites around the capital. From climbing to the Acropolis to roaming around the Roman Agora, there are plenty of ancient sites to visit for any history buff.

Besides taking part in a historical-themed activity, you can also eat your heart out and try some local grub. For coffee lovers out there, you should try out the three Greek coffees. There’s the Greek version of a frappe, a Freddo cappuccino, and a Freddo Espresso. Try them out while enjoying a bit of peace and do some people watching as you sit in one of the local cafes.

Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece - Athens


Santorini is a Greek island that serves as one of the top travel destinations globally, and for good reason. The gorgeous blue and white houses that sit atop the jagged cliffs look like they’re replicating the blue and white sky.

Santorini’s Oia village is also famous for being one of the best places to catch a view of the sun setting. Indeed, it makes for a beautiful and romantic setting that is sure to captivate you.

If you’re in Athens, there are two main ways on how to get from Athens to Santorini. One is by hopping on a flight. The other way would be to get on a car ferry. Both are viable options and will depend on your preferences in terms of traveling. Of course, traveling by car ferry is cheaper, but the compromise is that it will take five to eight hours to get to Santorini.

Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece - Santorini


Another historical place worth visiting in Greece would be the oldest city in Europe, which is Knossos. According to Greek mythology, Knossos was once the home of King Minos and the famous Minotaur. Since Knossos is home to the Minotaur, you should visit a site that will make you feel like you’re in that Greek mythology yourself.

To emulate the feeling of the labyrinth that was home to the ancient Minotaur, you should visit Knossos Palace. You can even opt to go through the old ceremonial entrance.

The labyrinthine design of the inside of the palace makes it challenging to navigate if you don’t have a guide. There are walkways there to help visitors find their way.


Hikers, who are looking for exciting and unique hiking trails, should stop by Meteora. You’ll find many monasteries, both active and abandoned, that make the summits around Meteora their home. The rock formations as you go to the monasteries are phenomenal. They will give you an otherworldly feeling when you see them, especially when you look at some of the monasteries hanging there.

Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece - Meteora


Delphi is home to many historical ruins that are worth visiting. After all, if you’re in Greece and don’t visit temples, sanctuaries, and other historical sites, did you even go there?

There are many ancient sites to choose from: the Temple of Apollo, Ancient Delphi, the Treasury of Athens, and so much more. It would be best if you stopped by Chrisso, a small village that lies West of Delphi.

Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece - Delphi


Corfu is a Greek island worth visiting, whether for its history or sparkling beaches. You should enjoy the New Fortress, the Old Fortress, and the Old Town of Corfu between these two fortresses.

Aside from that, you might enjoy a hike to another monastery in Greece, which is Paleokastritsa. It’s still an operational monastery. The scenery you get once you get there is worth the trek.

Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece - Corfu


For fans of ancient mythologies, Mycenae is a must-visit. The ancient Greeks credited the Cyclops with creating these tall walls in Mycenae. Thus, they named it Cyclopean Walls.

You can also visit the Treasury of Atreus, which archaeologists believe to have been the tomb of Agamemnon. Unfortunately, the Treasury had already been the victim of looting when archaeologists found it.


Rhodes is another breathtaking Greek island with stunning historical archaeology. You can visit the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes or the stunning white Lindos Acropolis sites.

Aside from those, you can also stop by Prasonisi. This beach is inaccessible in the winter, but you can enjoy leisure time at a unique beach with water on two sides when you can access it.

Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece - Rhodes


Athens is what we know today to be the capital of Greece. However, before Athens, it was Nafplio that served as the capital of Greece. To get to Nafplio, it will only take you around two hours if you drive from Athens. Once you’re there, you can then enjoy the historical landmarks available all around Nafplio.

By the way, its spelling is how you pronounce it: Nahf-plee-oh. The emphasis is on the letter “a”.

Since Nafplio has a lot of history, going on a walking tour would give you a better insight into what went on here. You can also climb up the Palamidi Castle, which will take you 999 steps, so it’s a considerable hike, with a stunning view. Another fascinating fortress to visit would be Nafplio’s iconic fortress on an islet, which is Bourtzi.

If you’re looking for a unique experience, you should try to be a beekeeper for a day in Nafplio. It will give you a better look at how beekeepers do their job.


When people think of Mykonos, they think of it as one of the world’s major party destinations, which is one reason to visit Mykonos. Paradise Beach is the top party destination there.

However, you can also enjoy looking at the sunset while visiting the Chora windmills. You might also enjoy a serene moment by the beach if you go to Agios Sostis Beach.

Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece - Mykonos

From ancient ruins and rich backgrounds to vibrant beaches, you can do many things in Greece. No matter where you go, you’ll enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle that comes with the culture. That’s why we’d like you to consult this post when looking for must-visit places in Greece.


Discover Greece: Top 10 Places You Need to Visit in Greece
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