When in Andalusia: 8 Must-Visit Hiking Trails in Andalusia


In case you don’t know, Andalusia is an underrated hiking destination in Spain.

You don’t believe us? Here are eight hiking trails in Andalusia that you should consider trying.

Must-Visit Hiking Trails in Andalusia

El Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey had an infamous reputation as being the most dangerous hiking trail in Spain. After an update and renovation of the walkway, though, this trail is no longer as dangerous as it used to be.

Meaning, it is now more accessible to plenty of hikers interested and doesn’t have any severe fear of heights.

It can take you around four hours to finish back and forth, but make sure that you book your tickets in advance if you want to hike this trail.

To get to the trail, you’d have to go through a tunnel that’s almost a two-kilometer walk and turn right to get to the control cabin.

Cala de San Pedro

Camping on the beach is an illegal activity in Andalusia, but one of the scarce places you can do in a protected area is Cala de San Pedro. Cala de San Pedro is an excellent place to go on a coastal hike and end the day with a camp by the beach.

You can hike to Cala de San Pedro throughout the year, and it should take you almost three hours to go on a return hike here. 

Cala de San Pedro is a famous but still relatively off-the-beaten-path paradise for hippies from all over the world. 

If you plan on going to Cala de San Pedro, be respectful and take care of your trash. There are no garbage services there, so waste management due to tourists is a common issue there.

Pico de Mijas

In the Sierra de Mijas mountain range, the highest point there is Pico de Mijas.

The hike there is lovely but challenging. It should take you around five to seven hours to accomplish the walk, so it’s not going to be a short day hike. Plus, it can be pretty hot if you go there, so it might be safe to skip packing your rain jacket.

Along the way, you’re going to see orchids as well as local mountain goats. However, the view atop is going to be lovelier and something to look forward to. Ensure that you are physically fit before tackling this hike, as it is medium to hard in difficulty.

Also, please bring lots of water as it can be pretty hot as you go through the entire hike.

Pico de Veleta

Pico de Veleta is the second highest peak within Sierra Nevada National Park or the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

The entire hike will take you a full day, so make sure that you pack everything that you need to tackle it. It would be best if you were also an intermediate hiker to be comfortable during this hike.

Once atop Pico de Veleta, you can also see Mulhacen there, which is the highest peak in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

Pico del Cielo

Another hiking trail atop a mountain is the Pico del Cielo, a hiking trail that’s best for intermediate to expert level hikers.

It’s a challenging trail for many reasons, like the hot sun and the loose rocks, to name a few. Thus, don’t take this one if you’re not confident in your hiking skills.

Nonetheless, the view up top is something you’d appreciate once you’re there.

Escalera Arabe

Escalera Arabe or Arabic Staircase is a historical site of an old staircase that was believed to be part of an ancient trading route. 

This hiking trail is of medium difficulty, but it shouldn’t take you more than four hours to finish the entire route. Much like many of the tracks here, the heat is what’s going to make this hike challenging, so make sure that you have the protection and hydration you need.

El Saltillo

El Saltillo used to be an unknown hiking trail until the installation of Spain’s third-longest suspension bridge. Now, it’s become increasingly popular for many hikers.

The entire hike itself is about four to five hours overall to finish. At the end of the trail, you can enjoy a majestic view of La Maroma.

El Chullo

The highest peak within Almeria is El Chullo, standing at about 2,611 meters high.

This fact about El Chullo sounds intimidating, but the difficulty rating of this hiking trail is actually in the Easy range. Thus, you can hike this comfortably.

Once you reach the peak, take the time and enjoy the expanse that’s now open to you. Maybe take your lunch there while taking it slow and admiring the local wildlife as well as the greeneries in the area.


The hiking trails listed above are a great way to see the natural landscape of Andalusia.
From the coasts to the peak of mountains, these hiking trails are something to delight in while you’re in the area. Just ensure to keep yourself hydrated and get sun protection, as it is a common hurdle in all of the hiking trails here. Good luck!

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