Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids

We all know that words have power. We can probably all remember something that was said when you were young that hurt you or caused you pain.  But sometimes, as parents we get overtired, stressed at work, worried about finances or experience an emotional event that pushes us to the limit. Before we even realize what we’ve done, we’ve said something that we regret. Before we ever get to that breaking point, we need to establish some guardrails that we determine to not cross. There are some things we shouldn’t say to our kids under any circumstances.

You Were an Accident

We have probably all seen the illustration of the toothpaste that gets squeezed out of the toothpaste tube. Once it’s out, it’s impossible to put the toothpaste back. Whether you planned the birth of your children and everything happened according to your plan, kids should never have to grow up thinking that their birth was not a welcome event. Sure, there are some situations where a new addition to the family is not something that was scheduled or planned, but no child is an accident.

I Wish You Were Like Your Brother/Sister

If you have more than one child, you have seen that each child is unique. Even though children are growing up in the same house with the same parents, their personalities, strengths and talents will be unique. One of the worst things that kids can feel is that they are not as good as their siblings. Celebrate their uniqueness!  Don’t compare the children or make them feel inferior just because they have different strengths and abilities.

I Can’t Wait Till You Grow Up

Childhood is such a short time. Though parents will always be important, needed and valued, there are only a few short years where children are dependent and completely impressionable. Cherish the days when the children are young because they will be grown before you turn around. Children need to feel safe and valued by their parents. They shouldn’t feel like they are a burden to their caregivers.

Having the honor of raising children is something special. Let’s not ruin our time with our kids by saying things we will regret.

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