What Makes a Perfect Home Gym

 More and more people around are investing in health and fitness, and that is a good thing. The COVID-19 lockdown is threatening to bring back fitness efforts to square one due to the temporary halt in commercial gym operations. However, the situation also brings another positive outcome – the feasibility and convenience of making a home gym. For those seriously pursuing fitness goals, the longer stays at home are prompting the creativity and ingenuity of converting home spaces like garages, empty rooms, and basements into a home gym. 

What Makes a Perfect Home Gym

Read on as we share useful insights as to what makes a perfect home gym and keep yourself fit and healthy at home.


Having enough room to move around is essential for a home gym. You need to have enough space to fully extend your arms and legs and freely move them around in any direction. The size and number of the home fitness equipment to be installed in the room should be included in your home gym space considerations. Space and freedom of movement are essential in any type of gym, especially your gym, for the proper execution of workout regimens and avoiding injuries. You don’t want your arms, toes, shins, or knees to accidentally hit your equipment while doing movement-intensive exercises in a cramped home gym.


A clean and bright-looking gym space can energize you and get you motivated to do regular workout sessions. When it comes to the overall look of the room, start with painting the walls white, with an eggshell finish to give the room more depth without being too glossy or reflective. Neatly set up the shelves and racks at the corners of the room and place the small pieces of equipment there for easy access. Be sure to vacuum your designated home gym area at least once a week to give it not just a clean look, but a clean feel as well. Your room’s eggshell paint finish also works well for quick cleanings, like wiping off sweat handprints, dust, and dirt on the wall surfaces.


Lighting can influence how you perform in your home gym setting. There are a lot of ways that you can light up your home gym. You can use track lighting for a flexible light positioning that you can adjust as your home gym evolves overtime. Your gym’s transformation will involve adding or removing equipment and changing its placement. Thus, track lighting is a good option for shining the light on your fitness den wherever you may place your equipment. Use LED bulbs and cool white lighting for energy efficiency and less heat generated from the bulbs.


Your home gym’s ventilation can affect the quality of your workout experience. While it’s good to sweat out as much as you can within an enclosed space, you also need to breathe in fresh outdoor air to replenish your oxygen and get your muscles to recover fast during your workout. Breathing clean air also reduces the risk of respiratory problems, allergies, and headaches, which can disrupt your regular workout schedule. When air from outside freely enters and leaves your home gym, excess moisture is removed from the room, and you feel cool and comfortable. Also, indoor air is improved while you work out by removing smells from your sweaty bench and shirt. An added bonus of good ventilation is energy efficiency. You get to save on power bills by reducing the need to use your HVAC unit due to fresh air circulating inside your room and heat being transferred out of the room, especially during summer.


You are labeling yourself as a serious fitness enthusiast, but it doesn’t mean your home gym should be devoid of fun and enjoyable activities. You can add a full-length mirror to monitor your form, keep track of your workout progress, and watch out for injury and accident risks. Also, your mirror can be used for taking selfies and a bit of flexing around friends. Another great amenity to have is a decent sound system to keep your adrenaline pumping and get you in the mood for some serious muscle-ripping workout.

What Makes a Perfect Home Gym

The description of a perfect home gym can vary and is subjective. It depends on your workout needs and fitness level. Nevertheless, we provided here some of the basic features that can make a perfect home gym. You can add your customizations to give your home a personalized touch to complete the perfection you are aiming for. So start building your home gym now and be on your way to achieving packed muscles at the comfort of your home.

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