My Life is Just as Busy as Yours – #LALAforLife

Since I’ve retired from the military I’ve been asked these two questions over and over again, “what do you do at home all day?”, and “do you miss the army?”. I’m going to answer these two questions in this post, with me answering the latter first. Yes, I miss the army, I miss the structure and believe it or not, I sometimes miss getting up at 0430 in the morning and getting ready for PT (physical training) as early as 0630 or sometimes even earlier. Now for my second answer, and I get this question mostly from mom’s who work outside the home, because they just don’t get it. Do you really want to know what I do all day? I do A LOT and to be honest, my life is just as busy as yours!

I’m a mom of 4, but at the present time only 3 of my kids live with me. My oldest is away at college, but like most college students whose college isn’t too far away, she comes home almost every other weekend and brings her laundry with her, and grocery shops in my kitchen. I’m also the mother of a 15 year old high schooler and an 11 year old junior high schooler. I’m also the mother of a pre-schooler age 4 going on 40, a little miss know-it-all who thinks that the world revolves around her and she lives on planet Madison and not Earth. Sounds just like any other typical family right? WRONG!

My 11 year old son is autistic and that’s like living in a household with at least 4 tween’s because he’s a handful. He’s the one that you have to look out for because he could either be laying down watching TV in his room, or destroying said TV. There’s no in-between with him, it’s either mild or extreme!

My day begins by getting both boys up at around 0545 because they both have to be out of the house by 0650 for school. That means going from room to room and either yelling out each of their names until they get up, or literally dragging them out of bed. If you’re also this mom and can relate, I totally feel your pain. Once the boys are out the door, you would think that I get to relax, but oh no, my day now is filled with getting the pre-schooler up and getting breakfast done. If she has school it also means getting her ready for school.

I have to admit, I’m most of the time in such a rush that I don’t even have time myself for breakfast, but I always keep LALA Yogurt Smoothies on hand because they not only taste good, but they’re good for me too. Made with real fruit they provide the nutrition – protein, calcium and vitamins A & D – I need to power through my day. What I love about LALA Yogurt Smoothies is that they’re drinkable so I can take them easily with me ANYWHERE because no spoon is needed. When you’re busy like me, you like convenience and that’s what this is.

So you say, “well that sounds like a typical mom and when I’m home on the weekend with my kids, I do that too”, but that isn’t all. I’m not only a stay-at-home mom, but I work from home too. This blog is my business, it’s not a hobby and I have to treat it as such. I have to reply to emails, take photos, edit those said photos, write blog posts, promote those blog posts on social media, and that takes time, lots of time. If a product needs to be purchased for said blog post, that means a trip to the store is required and that also takes time, but still my day isn’t over.

By now I have to run and pick up my 4 year old from pre-school, but wait, remember I have a 15 year old who has decided that he wants to play every sport under the sun. So if it’s a basketball practice tonight, guess what that means for this mom? I now have to take him to basketball practice and make it back home to prepare dinner before it’s time to pick him up from practice. I also have to help with homework and don’t forget, the 11 year old is at home and I have to be vigilant. By the way did I forget the enormous pile of laundry that needs to be done as well? I swear I did less work in the United States Army than I do as a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom.

I almost NEVER go to bed before 11pm, so you ask again? What do I do all day? Well I run a home, run a business, make sure that my kids have food on the table, homework done, sports practices attended and everyone is happy. I’m a mom on the run, what about you?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LALA Yogurt Smooothies. The opinions and text are all mine.

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