Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Picatta

Are you looking for something different for dinner, how about our Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Picatta? Lately I’ve been seeing quite a lot of cast iron skillet recipes and to be honest I have never thought of owning a cast iron skillet before. Last year we purchased a new home and with that new home we decided to upgrade our kitchen cookware. I’ve always been a fan of non-stick pans so after reading tons of reviews, I finally decided on the Rachael Ray Hard Anodized II Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Cookware. I had seen them being used before and I LOVED the ease with which they cleaned up, and I also loved their bright orange handles. I can tell you that they’re actually one of my favorite pots and pans to use and I’m a previous owner of Calphalon. However, I’m a big fan of shopping at IKEA and recently I went there to buy a few things (I have no idea what because I’m always there), and they had 2 cast iron items in their as-is section. If you’ve never checked out their as-is department, you need to. These were marked at over 50% off and I just had to have them. Now the benefits of using a cast iron pan is that you need less oil and you also get the added bonus of having that extra iron transfer into your food, so it’s a win win. I’m now using my cast iron skillet a whole lot more and I suggest you picking up one to have in your cooking arsenal. Now on to my recipe

Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Picatta


4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pounded to 3/4 – 1″ thickness

salt and pepper to taste

2 tbsp. of lemon seasoning

4 Tbsp olive oil

5 cups of fresh spinach

1/4 cup of caramelized garlic

1/2 cup chicken broth

3 large lemons juiced

1 cup heavy cream

¼ cup capers, drained

Fresh parsley

1 lb angel hair pasta


Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium high heat.

Season your chicken breast with a lemon seasoning evenly on all sides.

Place the chicken breasts in the skillet.

Cook for about 4 minutes on each side make sure the chicken is cooked through.

Remove chicken and place on a plate and set aside.

Repeat with remaining chicken breasts.

Drop your pasta in salted boiling water (according to package directions)

Reduce the pasta water heat to medium low.

In your cast iron add garlic, and spinach to the same skillet, stir to sauté for 1 minute.

Add chicken stock, lemon juice, heavy cream, and capers.

Bring the sauce to a low boil.

Simmer the sauce up to four minutes.

Drain pasta.

Add your pasta to your cast-iron and toss all ingredients.

Slice the chicken into strips and place over cooked pasta.

Garnish with parsley.

Eat and enjoy!

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