How to Mend a Broken Friendship

Whether you have a broken friendship from childhood or one that was created in your older years, but eventually was broken, we are here today to help teach you ways in which you can mend a broken friendship. The first step is to think about the other person, really take in why you want to mend this broken friendship. Make sure you are trying to mend a broken friendship for the right reasons and then move forward to follow these tips:

Get Rid of Your Frustrations

Sort of like the “forgive but not forget” mentality, let go of all the frustrations that broke the friendship in the first place. You may need to see counseling for this or use tools that help you to completely remove frustration that has built up from the broken friendship. You must learn to get rid of your frustrations that stem from this broken friendship before you can fully mend the friendship.

Make Sure the Dust Has Settled

The key to mending a broken friendship is to make sure your timing is right. A broken friendship cannot be mended fully when there are still hard feelings between the two of you. Take time to let the dust settle from the fallout before you actually try to mend the friendship. Make sure you both are in a calm mindset and mood before discussing the options to mend the friendship.

Don’t Let Fear Guide You

If you are feeling fully ready to reach out to this lost friend as a means to mend the broken friendship, then do it. Don’t let fear of their response guide you, be the bigger person and reach out to this person as if extending an olive branch to see if you can’t both work to reunite the friendship lost. There’s no harm in trying.

Remove Ego

Do not let ego get in the way during the mending process of this broken friendship. When trying to mend a broken friendship be sure to use non-judgmental words with positive responses as a means to not stir up the negative feelings from your falling out. Be mindful to have compassion, empathy and no judgement during the mending process.

Visualize How to Apologize

Think about not only the words you will use to apologize to the old friend, but truly think about feeling sorry. Only apologize for the actions that you took part in that broke the friendship, avoid pointing fingers or telling the friend what they had done to break the friendship. It’s important your apology comes from the heart and is truthful.

That About Wraps It Up

There you have it, the steps to take in order to mend a broken friendship. Remember not to give up, if this friendship is important to you then continue trying to reach out to this friend. Remain hopeful that the friendship can be mended and complete actions that show this person you are willing to do the hard work to mend that broken link.

Let’s discuss: What other tips do you have to share about mending a broken friendship? 

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