The Best Haunted Houses Worth Traveling To

Looking for a fun yet frightful experience this Halloween? Halloween is the holiday of everything spooky and there is nothing spookier than visiting some of the best haunted houses around. 

With some of the best ranked special effects, storylines, and just plain old scary experiences, these spooky and frightful haunted houses are ones that are sure to give you a little fright and are certainly worth traveling to.

The Best Haunted Houses

Eastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia, PA) 

Once one of the most famous prisons around the world, The Eastern State Penitentiary once held many notorious criminals and has now become a historic attraction to visit. Throughout the summer months, you can explore Eastern State through tours and hands-on activities that are held. 

If you are really looking for an adventure though, visit the Eastern State Penitentiary during Halloween.  Between late September and mid-November, the historic site is home to a fantastic Halloween festival of epic proportions. The penitentiary turns into the ultimate Halloween experience allowing you to visit 2 scary haunted houses, see live character performances, get opportunities to explore the spooky cell blocks and enjoy a few different walk-through experiences. 

Factory of Terror (Canton, Ohio)

Located in Canton, Ohio, the Factory of Terror is a popular haunted house to visit on Halloween. The Factory of Terror has won many awards for being one of the best haunted houses to visit making it one of the best haunted houses in Ohio and in the United States.

The spooky destination has three haunted attractions to visit, each with its own theme and scary surprises. While you are visiting, you can also enjoy drinks from a few of the bars, take part in tarot card readings, participate in an ax-throwing event, and even see live street performers.

Erebus Haunted House (Pontiac, Michigan)

One of Michigan’s best haunted houses to visit, and one of the world’s largest haunted attractions, Erebus is a 4-story haunted house that serves nothing but terrifying thrills, blood-curdling screams, and tons of fun. 

The attraction is filled with some of the best special effects and events that will give you a hair-raising, chilling experience. It has even been voted as one of the top haunted houses in the nation and has won a variety of different awards for its spine-chilling experience. 

Netherworld Haunted House (Atlanta, Georgia)

Voted one of the scariest haunted houses in Georgia, Netherworld is known for its movie quality special effects, unique story themes, and detailed spooks. Each year the haunted house has a new theme that includes a new set of scary monsters and special effects that will give you chills. 

Netherworld also offers a fun and challenging escape room that you and your friends can try to outsmart. Their escape room has a ton of good reviews and is one of the most popular attractions the haunted house has to offer.

Undead Abominations (Denver, Colorado)

If you are a fan of zombies, you will want to check out the popular Undead Abominations in Denver, Colorado. This is one of Denver’s newer haunted houses, but it has made the list because it’s an interactive and unforgettable experience that people travel to see.

It features a complete storyline of how experiments have gone wrong and have turned zombies into something even more dangerous than they were. With the interactive experience, you and your group will need to try and find freedom and escape the area as swarms of zombies and undead creatures make their way to you and threaten your safe place. To make it a more realistic experience, as you try to escape to freedom, you and your group must find shelter inside various spooky buildings so that you can avoid the monsters.

Haunted Castle (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Not only will you find a haunted castle in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but you will also be able to experience the thrill of walking through a haunted spooky forest. 

Set in a medieval castle, there are plenty of scares that await you as you make your way through the castle. As you find yourself navigating the castle you will have to use a three-story slide and various portals to take you from one level to another.

Just outside of the castle, you will find the forest that is home to a mysterious knight that greets you on arrival and warns you about the upcoming not-so-friendly monsters you may come across as you walk the trails throughout the forest. Clowns, ghosts, goblins, and monsters with special effects and frightful prompts are just a few of what you must look forward to at the Haunted Castle and spooky forest.

No matter where you live, haunted houses are just around the corner. These are just a few of the haunted houses that are worth traveling to this Halloween. If you are ready to experience some spine-chilling scares and take on those frightful monsters, these haunted houses will give you a delightfully frightful experience.

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