Thanksgiving Games You Can Play at Home

Being able to see many of your friends and family is one of the best things about Thanksgiving. Followed closely behind the wonderful turkey dinner and sides galore. Oh, and we can’t forget about those sweet desserts that make their appearance once a year.

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As adults, we can spend all day celebrating Thanksgiving catching up with the family or relaxing, but for kids, it can quickly get boring. One way to shoo away that boredom, or to prevent it, is to set up some fun Thanksgiving games you can play at home.

Of course, the games we play at Thanksgiving don’t have to just be for the kids, adults can participate in them too making it a fun activity for everyone to take part in.

Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving Games to Play at Home with the Family

This list of Thanksgiving games that the family can enjoy taking part in contains a list of multiple categories. Printable games, DIY games, and those you can purchase are all included so no matter what type you are looking for, there is something in this list.

Pumpkin Checkers

Put those mini gourds to use and create your own pumpkin checkers board that the family can play with either inside or outside.

To create your own gigantic checkers board outside you can use yard paint or purchase a large outdoor checkers board. Instead of using the typical red and black checkers, use mini gourds. You can separate the gourds for the game, having one side take the white and the other side taking the orange.

For a fun game of pumpkin checkers that you can do inside the home, simply make your own checkers board out of paper or poster board. You can still use mini pumpkins or gourds as the checkers, it is just a smaller checkers board to work with.

Thanksgiving Charades

Another fun DIY game or a game that can be purchased online or made at home, Thanksgiving charades can be a fun game for the family to play. To make your own game at home, just make a list of charade words on individual cards or paper squares, put them in a bowl, and have each person draw a card. 

You can separate the family into teams, or each person can participate by themselves. Once a card is drawn, that person can act out what is written on the cards as the others try to guess what is being acted out. 

If you’d like to purchase a Thanksgiving charades game that is ready to go right out of the box, you can find a pretty inexpensive one on Amazon.

Thanksgiving Family Feud

Family feud is a fun game for any holiday or occasion and is easy to create. This would be a game for a large family gathering. The more people you have to play with, the better. You only need a few supplies to create the game and it is something everyone can have fun playing. 

To create your own family feud game at home, simply use a poster board to list the topic, or question that was asked and the answers along with the number of answers below. For the people who have been “polled” simply ask the family that has attended the Thanksgiving dinner. 

Use a piece of construction paper, cut into large strips, to cover up the answers. Then, have one person designated as the scorekeeper and poster board holder and separate the rest of the guests into teams. 

Have the team guess the answers for the question listed on the poster board and if one is correct, simply peel off the piece of construction paper so that you can see the points (number of people who have been polled). The team with the highest points wins.

Printable Games

For simple games that do not take much time to set up, printable games are an easy way to get the party going. Luckily, there are plenty of games that you can simply print and play.

One of the most popular printable games is bingo. For those free Thanksgiving bingo games, you can simply print, pass out the cards, and wait for a bingo to be called. It is especially fun for kids! To make it extra fun for Thanksgiving, you can use items like candy corn to keep track of what has been called.

You can find some other printable games online including, Thanksgiving word searches, activity packs, or even a would you rather Thanksgiving game.

Thanksgiving Games are Fun!

When it comes to playing Thanksgiving games, you can not forget about the prizes! For those who win, you can get creative with your prizes or simply find some fun Thanksgiving-themed party favors. You can also use special candy or treats as prizes.

Thanksgiving games you can play at home will be a fun way for the family to spend some quality time together. As they are laughing and having fun, no one will be bored. Plus, it is a fun family tradition that you can start doing each and every year.

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