Easy Ways to Make Thanksgiving Special for the Family

Easy Ways to Make Thanksgiving Special

Celebrating the holidays with friends and family is always special, but it is always good to add something extra in there. You may have friends and family that you haven’t seen for years or just want to add a bit more to your Thanksgiving gathering to make it extra special for the family. 

If you are looking for some easy ways to make Thanksgiving special for the family, we’ve got you covered. Each and every item on this list is a great way to make the holiday special for everyone. 

Easy Ways to Make Thanksgiving Special

Start a New Tradition

Traditions are special; there is no doubt about that, which is why it is #1 on the list. Traditions are memorable and something that will never be forgotten. In fact, besides the turkey dinner dishes that are being served every year, traditions are one of the top things that you will remember most.

Your family may already have some fun Thanksgiving traditions that you do each year, but if you don’t, now is a good time to create your own. There is no set type of tradition that you have to start, so you can really get creative with your ideas or narrow it down to something that the family will really enjoy.

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Create a Gingerbread House Together

I know, I know, gingerbread houses are usually reserved for Christmas, but since the family is already together, why not get a head start with it?

Plus, Christmas is right behind Thanksgiving, and your gingerbread house can be displayed throughout the holidays as decoration (if it isn’t eaten beforehand). 

To make it special, you can have the whole family work on one gigantic gingerbread house. Each person can take a section to put together and decorate. Once finished, everyone can gather around and put together the pieces to complete the house.

You can also go with mini gingerbread houses. Each person or family can put together their own small gingerbread house. Once the house has been put together and fully decorated, the family can take it home to remember their time at Thanksgiving dinner when it was put together.

Easy Ways to Make Thanksgiving Special

Bring Meaningful Gifts or a Gift for the Host

There is no gift better than a memorable one. One that celebrates our love for one another. While you wouldn’t really think of bringing gifts to your Thanksgiving dinner, why not start a new tradition of offering a gift to the host or giving a memorable gift to your family members. 

Each year, you can bring a special gift for your host or family members. It’s a lot of work putting together a large turkey dinner and your host will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a meaningful gift. Family members will always remember the gifts.

Tip: Choose gifts that are special to that person. Don’t just go out and get something generic. Instead, make it fun, give a gag gift, or give a special gift that will mean something to them.

Reflect on Cherished Memories

You probably remember growing up and listening to stories that have been shared once the family has come together. It’s common for us to share fond memories of previous Thanksgiving dinners or events that have taken place. 

Sharing those memories that we have cherished throughout the years not only keeps those memories alive through the generations, but it can also make Thanksgiving extra special for the family.

Give Thanks

Giving thanks and sharing what we are thankful for on Thanksgiving is a tradition for many. As we gather around to share our Thanksgiving meal, have each person go around the table and give one meaningful thing that they are thankful for.

To make it special, those things that you are thankful for shouldn’t be superficial things. Make it something personal or thank someone who has helped you. This will make it more meaningful to you and to the family.

You can also make this into a fun game for the family. Have guests write down what they are thankful for and place the answers in a jar. Gather everyone together and have each person pull out a card. The object of the game is to see who wrote what. Playing the game can create memories for the whole family. 

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Easy Ways to Make Thanksgiving Special

Make a Thankful Tree

To go along with giving thanks, like mentioned above, you can easily create a thankful tree at home. Amazon has a really cool thankful tree that you can purchase. It also comes with small leaves where you can write your blessings to hang on the tree. 

You can also change it up a bit. Instead of listing items that you are thankful for, write a very small tidbit of a cherished memory. 

Don’t forget to sign your names because each year the leaves can be saved, and you can look back throughout the years to see what everyone has written.

Video Chat with Loved Ones

For those who are not able to make it to Thanksgiving dinner, have the family video chat with them so that they can still be together in some way. This is something that will be meaningful and special for everyone involved.

Making Thanksgiving special for the family can include so many different ideas. The things you do can be changed up to create something that is special just for your family.

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