Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is coming. When you think of Thanksgiving you think of family, giving thanks and of course a few of us think of the Pilgrims. Today I want to share with your our delight Pilgrim Hat Cookies. I just know you’ll want to gobble them right up.

Here is what you’ll need:-


Fudge Stripe Cookies

Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups, unwrapped

Butter Cream frosting

Food Coloring


Mix food coloring into frosting to create an orange color.

Spoon frosting into piping bag. Use smallest round decorating tip, or cut a very small hole into the edge of the bag.

Place Fudge Stripe Cookies upside down, so chocolate side is facing up.

Pipe a small square on the front of the Reese’s cup. Flip it upside down and pipe a generous amount of frosting around the edges. Place the Reese’s cup (frosting side down) in the middle of the Fudge Stripe Cookie. Frosting should spillover, but touch up as needed.

And that’s it. You eat and enjoy. Notice how easy they were to put together? Now all you have to do is to make them with your own kiddos and teach them what Thanksgiving is all about.

So what are you thankful for this year?

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