Make it a Cheerios™ Summer with DIY Yarn Flip-Flops – #SummerOfCheerios


It’s officially summer, and that means that we’re on the go. Summer for us means long road trips and excursions in and around our town. With temperatures in the 90’s, however, we’ve been more indoors than we have been outdoors.

I don’t tolerate the heat well, so I’ve turned my central air on and we’ve been crafting and doing some major makeovers in our home until the temperature cools down. On the other hand, Madison just loves being outside, and when I’m inside, I have to stock up on her snacks and activities so she doesn’t become bored too easily. One of those snacks that I always keep on hand is Cheerios™️. 

Like most kids, Madison has been snacking on Cheerios™️ since the moment she was able to do finger foods. It was actually recommended by her pediatrician because they melted easily in her mouth and she was able to master the art of finger pinching. Since then, we’ve never been out of her favorite cereal.

Over the years her taste has matured and while she no longer loves regular Cheerios™️ as much as she used to, she’s now become a HUGE fan of Honey Nut Cheerios™️ and Fruity Cheerios™️, her favorite.

Now you know how much we love doing our crafts, and whenever I’m at Walmart picking up my craft supplies, you can also find me in the cereal aisle picking up a box, or two, of Madison’s favorite Cheerios™️.

While waiting one day for the temperature to drop we decided to make a DIY Yarn Flip-Flop. After all, it’s summer and it’s also flip-flop season. It is super easy to do and you can have fun with your own children making it happen.

DIY Yarn Flip-Flops

Supplies Needed:

Flip Flops


Buttons (Embellishments of your choice)

Glue (I used a glue gun)


1. Begin by attaching your yarn to one end of the strap at the sole with your glue of choice. I found attaching it with a glue gun worked easier.

Note: Since you’re using yarn, it would be difficult to wrap with the entire yarn. I measured my yarn by going around the flip-flop five times and then cutting it. I then wrapped it around my fingers into a ball making it easier to wrap.

Once you’ve wrapped your flip-flop with the yarn, attach your embellishment at the toe. We used buttons since we had buttons available but you can use flowers or anything that your heart desires.

This is a fun way to decorate an ordinary pair of flip-flops and we found all our supplies at Walmart.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your summer a bit more fun, make your own DIY Yarn Flip-Flops and don’t forget to add your Cheerios™️ so you can have something to snack on while crafting. So head to Walmart today and pick up a box or two, or three of your favorite Cheerios™️ cereal and download this $1.00 coupon towards your next purchase.

So make this summer your Summer of Cheerios™️!

This conversation is brought to you today by Acorn and Cheerios™️. All thoughts and opinions expressed, however are my own. 
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