5 Solid Ways to Collaborate with Other Bloggers

If you’ve spent any measure of time in the blogosphere, you’re probably already used to hearing the word “collaborate.” It’s kind of a buzzword in the blogging world, but it does describe what many bloggers do on a regular basis. Bloggers collaborate with brands and other bloggers on a regular basis, and many bloggers have managed to both get their name out there and monetize their blogs by means of collaboration. Here is a brief introductory guide to different ways to collaborate with other bloggers, as a blogger.

Guest Post

Guest posts are a popular form of collaboration between bloggers. A guest post is when a blogger creates a blog post for another blogger’s site. The blog post will essentially reside on that other blogger’s site, but it will link back to the creator’s site. It can be beneficial for both the guest blogger and the host blogger because the guest blogger will gain exposure (another buzzword) to a similar follower base, and the host blogger will get to add valuable content to their site.

How to do it:
Sometimes bloggers will post “open calls” for guest posts, requesting content that will fit in well with the content that is already on their blog. This is especially common at times when bloggers know they will not have as much time to create blog posts (due to having a baby, moving, etc.) So the easiest way to become a guest blogger is to respond to one of these open calls. Even without an open call, however, you can become a guest blogger by simply emailing a blogger who you think would appreciate your content and proposing a guest post. Make it easy on the blogger by pointing them to some content on your own site and proposing a list of blog post ideas.

Coordinated Posts

This is similar to guest blogging, but it involves two bloggers each creating content for their own sites, and then linking to each other’s content. A vegan food blogger, for example, might create a blog post on how to make vegan/gluten-free donuts, while a gluten-free blogger might create a blog post on how to make your own gluten-free flour mix. The vegan food blogger could link to the flour mix post in their donut post, while the gluten-free food blogger could link to the donut post in their flour mix post. Make sense?

How to do it:
This is also as simple as emailing a blogger who has a similar audience but who is likely to have slightly different content on their site. Propose writing coordinating posts so that the two of you can link to each other and thus gain exposure.

Group Project

As this article illustrates, sometimes teaming up with others is the best way to create something truly great. You and another blogger—if you live close to one another—can of course create content together. This means working on a project together and both posting the project to your respective blogs. This is a great way for each blogger to give followers an inside look at the blogging world and gain some exposure at the same time.

How to do it:
Simply contact a blogger who lives in your area and who you think would be game! Think of a fun project that would work well for the two (or three or four) of you, such as a hosted event, DIY project, new recipe, etc. When posting to your respective blogs, be sure to link to each other, and consider focusing your post on what you had to do with the project. That way, your posts will still be different!


Know of a blogger who seems to be an expert in a topic that your blog touches on? Interview them!

How to do it:
Interviewing another blogger is as easy as e-mailing a proposal for an interview and then following up with a list of interview questions. The blogger will then send back some well-thought-out answers to your questions and, if you’re lucky, some photos to include in your blog post. It makes for easy, relevant content for you, and it helps give that other blogger some exposure.


This one is simple: support other bloggers. It may not necessarily be a form of collaboration between bloggers, but it’s definitely a solid way to strengthen relationships with other bloggers while simultaneously getting your name out there.

How to do it:
Supporting other bloggers is simple—just do the things that you would expect followers to do on your own blog. Find bloggers you truly love and jive with, and follow their blogs. Follow their social media pages as well, and leave comments and likes whenever they do something that you just love. Be sure to comment on actual blog posts as well, and hey—if you particularly like something they post, go ahead and mention it on your blog or social media accounts. The blogger will take notice, and that blogger’s followers just might take notice as well.

Let’s discuss: Can you think of any other ways that you can collaborate with other bloggers? 

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