Shea Moisture Kids Line Review

We formerly oohed and ahhed over the Shea Moisture products (you can read our review here) so when the Kids line was introduced mommy and I thought “hey just what we need! Something made especially for me.” We checked that it was available at our local Target and a quick car ride got us our purchase.

Well after using them I can honestly say that I’m not very impressed with this new Kids line. Once again this is my own opinion and review. I was not paid to do this and we bought these products with our own cash. These weren’t free.

Mango and Carrot Extra-Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

We got the Mango and Carrot Extra Nourishing Shampoo and the matching conditioner. These were made for dry delicate hair and state on the bottle that it moisturizes, strengthens, and grow and were Sulfate Free. The main ingredients were Mango Butter (a moisture-rich emollient that leaves hair feeling silky smooth), Carrot Oil (which nourishes hair, helping to prevent breakage and promote growth), and Orange Blossom (which soothes sensitive scalp). 

These I admit we do like. The shampoo has a nice consistency and smells yummy. It was also easy to rinse out. It doesn’t state on the bottle that it was tear-free but while washing it ran down my face and there were no tears from me so I assume it is. A big plus for me. Once again these products are all-natural.

The conditioner comes in a convenient pump bottle and says to use a dollop but we admit we used a little more than that. After all, I have a head full of hair and a dollop just wouldn’t do. After rinsing with warm water as directed we noticed that there was no after residue in my hair. My hair was almost silky smooth as they said it would be. Two little thumbs up for these two products.

Coconut and Hibiscus Kids Curling Butter Cream

Before we bought this next product we were using the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Curl & Style Milk with Coconut Oil, Silk Protein, and Neem Oil for thick curly hair and moisturizes and shine. The Kids line is the Coconut and Hibiscus Curling Butter Cream with Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Extracts for thick, wavy, unruly hair and is anti-frizz, gives body and shine. The main products in the Kids Coconut and Hibiscus Line are Coconut Oil (hydrates and protects while adding curl definition), Hibiscus (adds shine while maintaining volume), and Slippery Elm Extract (smoothing and soothing emollient).

We prefer the Curling Smoothie. Where the Curling Smoothie left my hair feeling soft and moisturized after using, the Kids Curling Butter Cream didn’t. My hair actually felt dry and slightly hard after using. It did leave my hair smelling good though. The Kids Curling Butter Cream comes in a 6oz container while the Curling Smoothie comes in a 12oz container and they’re the same price. That sure doesn’t entice me to keep on buying either.

Coconut and Hibiscus Extra-Moisturizing Detangler

We also tried the Coconut and Hibiscus Kids Extra-Moisturizing Detangler with Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Extract as well. Also for thick, wavy and unruly. It states on the bottle that “this mild, moisture-rich treatment detangles, defines, and tames children’s thick, wavy or unruly hair without greasiness. Restores luster to dry, dull hair while conditioning”.

This can be used on dry or wet hair and unfortunately for us did nothing but leave our hair feeling hard. The smell is mild so it wasn’t overpowering which is good but we couldn’t get to love it

We have since gone back to the original products in the Coconut and Hibiscus line and have also found a detangler that works for us which we’ll review at a later date.

Don’t let my views deter you from buying any of these products. They may not have all worked for me but they might work for you. We still love the Shea Moisture products and will continue to use them, just not all of them.

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