7 Easy Shaving Tips Women Can Do For Smooth and Proper Cleanup


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Society tells women to shave away their hair, but no one teaches us how to do that without hurting ourselves. Over time, we end up learning tips and tricks that we pick up from our personal experiences.

However, there might be specific ways we can better our shaving method that will make it easier for us to finish each session.

The difference between women and men when it comes to shaving is that women have to shave a lot more of their bodies than some men. Given this fact, shaving techniques are essential knowledge for a lot of women out there.

If you have come to develop your shaving routine, then this article can help you check out and see points of improvement. On the other hand, if you still do not have your specific shaving routine, then these seven easy tips can help you get a smoother and proper cleanup:

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A clean and smooth shave is extra challenging if you do a dry shave. Thus, your first step before you start shaving should be to soften your skin first.

You can do that in many ways, but mostly, what you need to do is to expose your skin to warm water. The reason why people recommend that you shave right after a warm shower is that it helps your pores to open up.

Aside from that, it will soften your skin so you can shave away the hair with ease. Not to mention that softened skin will exfoliate better.

Exfoliation is a big part of shaving and it helps improve the health of your skin. Thus, you want your skin to be soft so that once you shave and exfoliate the skin, it will be easy to get rid of dead skin.


When people think of shaving cream alternatives, they believe that soap and water would suffice. Some people even believe that shaving creams are a marketing ploy to make razor companies more money.

However, there’s a reason why shaving cream is still the preferred way to lubricate a shave for years now.

Of course, there’s also a reason why people recommend soap and water as an alternative. It does have a lubricating effect on the razor. However, soap and water tend to dry out the skin after the shave since it has an astringent effect. Therefore, your skin will look flaky after a shave, which isn’t the best feeling.

Shaving cream will help lubricate your razor for a shave. At the same time, it will help keep your skin moisturized, so you don’t end up feeling dry after you remove the shaving cream.


There is an ongoing argument out there about whether or not to shave with or against the grain. However, it is always better to shave with the grain.

The reason people want or have the inclination to shave against the grain is that they feel they get a closer shave that way. Although this may feel that way, it does not increase the likelihood of a close shave.

Instead, you are increasing the risk of a razor burn and ingrown hair. Therefore, you should shave with the grain instead. You do not have to sacrifice a close shave when you go and shave with the grain. You need only to be better at how you shave.

Doing the other tips in this article will help you achieve a close shave even without going against the grain, so apply these tips altogether.

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When people nick themselves when they shave, some people wrongly believe that they should put some astringent or alcohol on these minor scars. However, this is going to dry up the skin instead, so this is not the best step to take.

Luckily, there are products out in the market that can help address these concerns. One such product is aftershave lotions that you can purchase anywhere.

Aftershave lotion will get moisture back into your skin when you shave, so it will not feel tight and dry. Also, a lot of aftershave lotions keep these minor scars and redness in mind so they might have ingredients that will help ease inflammation too.


Although some women like to purchase men’s razors, it might not be the best choice. Instead, choose women’s high-quality razors.

Since we do a lot of shaving and upkeep all over our body, you must invest in high-quality women’s razors. These are your tools whenever you shave, so they’re a worthy investment.

Also, remember to try and use newer razors because these will be sharper, so it’s easier to use. You won’t have to go back-and-forth always to shave.

You can get a refillable razor, so you only need to replace the blade every once in a while. In this modern age, you can even get subscription-based razors if you want.


As mentioned before, shaving in the shower is a great step to help soften your skin before a shave.

If you don’t feel like taking a warm bath for a shave, then you can use a warm towel and soak the area you plan on shaving. Leave it there for a couple of minutes or so before you start shaving.

If you do plan on taking a shower, then don’t take too long before you start shaving. After showering for at least three to four minutes, you should step out and start the shave.

Staying too long in a warm shower might leave you with more swelled up skin. Swelling skin will be harder to navigate, so you might have difficulties getting a close shave.


You shouldn’t rush a shave if you can and don’t be so agitated and press hard on your razor. Let your blade do the work.

Shave with short strokes instead of going on one long stroke. The more you rush, the likelier it is for you to nick yourself. Therefore, a shave should be something that you carve out in your schedule.

A satisfying shave can be time-consuming, but it is worth it if you get to feel that smooth, dolphin-like skin at the end of it. Make sure that you take your time and follow the tips above so you can get as smooth a shave as possible. Think of it as a time for self-care and relax and get into the groove of it.


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Easy Shaving Tips for Women

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