Perfume for Toddlers – M. Micallef’s Baby’s Collection

If you have a little girl, there’s the chance that she just loves everything that you do and want to be just like you. She wants to put your shoes on, try on your clothing and even play around in your makeup. Whenever I’m getting ready to go out, Madison always makes sure to get into my room to have some of my special perfume sprayed on her clothing. I don’t spray it directly onto her skin, because it’s not made for her. Not only are the fragrances sometimes a little too strong, but they all contain alcohol as well. Now I don’t mind babies smelling like babies, but sometimes for a special occasion, I do like her having a nice fragrance when we’re going out somewhere special, and we’re all dressed up. I’ve been searching around for quite some time for something made just for her and I have to say that I have finally found it. Introducing Perfume for Toddlers – the M. Micallef’s Baby’s Collection.

Here’s a little history of M. Micallef.

They were founded in 1996 and is now a signature in the world of high-end luxury perfumes. They are distributed in 60 countries and sold in over 900 sales outlets.The whole concept of the brand is based on the encounter between two beings. Geoffrey Nejman, who is the nose of the company and Martine Micallef, the soul and creator. Driven by their love and passion, and carried by their artistic sensibility, they decided to design together unique fragrances made of rare and noble materials, preserved in remarkable hand-decorated bottles in their ateliers in Grasse.

Just in case you’re wondering, they do ship worldwide, so shipping to the US is no problem!

Now on to the delightful fragrances that is the M. Micallef’s Baby’s Collection. The baby’s collection was inspired by Martine Micallef’s grandchildren’s birth and was launched this month. Since these were made just for toddlers, they were designed with their sensitive nose in mind. Made with alcohol free water, there are three 30ml scents included. The Petit Coeur,  Tendre Douceur, and Petite Fleur (shown from left to right above). They also come accompanied by a little rabbit plush named Harry.

Now here’s a bit about the fragrances and the one thing that I was impressed by, is that you can truly smell the notes in the fragrances. The Petit Coeur has hints of lemon, mint, and bergamot notes. Madison when I sprayed this on her said “it smells like mint” and it really does.

The Tendre Douceur has notes of cherry and candy apple and Madison thought that it smelled like strawberry. This was by far her favorite and I don’t blame her. Who doesn’t want to smell like cherries and candy apples? Especially in the summer.

The Petite Fleur has notes of orange blossoms and Madison said “this smells like oranges”, and she was absolutely correct. Without even knowing what the notes are, your child will be able to distinguish the notes for themselves.

Madison just loves now knowing that she has her very own special perfume. One that is made just for her and is gentle enough for me to spray directly on her skin, although I still spray it on her clothing. So far I’ve noticed no staining and the smells are fabulous! The fragrance also lasts quite a while, although I wouldn’t say that they last all day, I still have yet to meet a fragrance that really does. The scents are mild enough to still have your little one smell like a baby, but with a more “grown-up” smell. With no alcohol included in these toddler perfumes, you’ll feel good applying them to your little one. So if you’re still in the market for something special for your little one, something to make her feel more grown-up like mommy, consider getting her the M. Micallef’s Baby’s Collection perfume for toddlers. She’ll love you even more than she does now!

Let’s discuss: What do you think of toddlers having their own alcohol free perfume? 

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