How to Make Your Disney Character Experiences Unforgettable

The following photo is of Alice and the Rabbit at Disneyland Paris. What an experience it was. There is nothing quite like meeting the characters at Disney, whether it’s Disneyland or Walt Disney World. It’s something that most parents, and kids alike, do to really make their trip memorable. The amazement on your child’s face when they meet their favorite character is always a joy to behold. It however can be time consuming, but if it’s something that you really want to do, my good friend Rachel is going to share with you some ways on how you can make your Disney Character Experiences Unforgettable.

One of our big mistakes during our first couple visits to Walt Disney World Resort was skipping the Character meet and greets. The lines can get pretty long, and we wanted to get the most out of our visit. By about our third visit, we started meeting our favorite Disney friends and we realized what we missed out on! Where else can you meet your childhood heroes and heroines? There’s a reason the lines can get quite long – interacting with these characters in real life brings you back into your childhood if only for a minute. Oh, and the kids enjoy it also!

I see many families wait in a long line just to go up when it is their turn, grab a quick hug, pose with fake smiles for the camera, and be on their way. I completely understand it can be awkward when meeting characters. What are you supposed to do? What do you say? I’m here to help! Many friends will start up a conversation with you, but sometimes they may need some ideas. Here’s a list of several Disney characters you may run into on your visit and some ideas to maximize your experience!

Aladdin & Jasmine

How far can Magic Carpet can travel before he gets tired?

How long does it take Jasmine to wash her long, beautiful hair? Does it get tangled easily?

Alice in Wonderland

Tell Alice it is your un-birthday!

Where is the best place to take croquet lessons?


Do you have any chocolate?

Tell her about the last sandwich you had.


What is your favorite gadget or gizmo?

Do you prefer walking or swimming?


Are glass slippers comfortable?

Where do mice learn how to sew?


How are you handling the heat in the kingdom of Florida?

Tell her about the last snowman you made.


Tell him his trophies at the tavern are a bit small.

Tell him your muscles are bigger than his!

Kylo Ren

Call him Ben.

Ask him to give you mind-reading lessons.

Mary Poppins

Can you show me how to clean up with a snap of my fingers?

Is Burt still cleaning chimneys?


What latest mischief has your troublemaker brothers been into?

See if she will give you archery pointers.


Can you show me some of your warrior moves?

What was it like being a boy?

Peter Pan

How can I not grow up?

Where is your favorite place in Neverland?


Where is Pascal?

How do you get so much done in a day?

Snow White

Do you still eat apples?

Do you often have to get things down from high places for the Dwarves?


Can I have your secret gumbo recipe?

What’s the most popular dish at your restaurant?

Tinker Bell

Do you have any extra pixie dust I can borrow?

What is your favorite tinker?

This is just a small sampling to get you started. Usually while we are waiting in line, we pass the time discussing together the perfect thing to say. My boys can come up with some pretty outrageous ideas – it can be quite entertaining! This is what Walt Disney World is all about to my family and I. Spending precious time together family making unforgettable memories!

“Rachel Langer is the owner of The Dreamer Family, where she shares her love obsession of Disney. As a frequent visitor to Walt Disney World, a travel agent specializing in Disney Parks travel, and even a former Disney Parks Moms Panelist; Rachel lives, breathes, and dreams of Disney! Follow along at The Dreamer Family to see how a displaced Disney Princess lives out her magical days.”

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