3 Steps to Success: Passing the NASM-CPT Exam

It may seem like personal trainers and fitness experts exist at every gym, social media platform, and television channel. However, being a certified fitness expert is no easy task.

Not all fitness experts achieve official certification, those that do are likely to have completed a nasm practice test, and then onto passing the NASM-CPT Exam.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) offers the Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) examination for serious professionals who want to gain enough health, fitness, nutrition, and human movement knowledge needed to become a certified personal trainer.

There are countless resources online to help trainers pass the NASM-CPT exam, but to ensure success, follow these three steps.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing can replace the effectiveness of practice to improve on one’s skills. This is especially true when it comes to examinations, especially non-traditional ones. You may have personally experienced inferior performance on a test in the past. The chances are, you were not given the opportunity to practice in advance, which would have improved the outcome.

Many in the fitness field will tell you that the NASM-CPT exam is extremely difficult. It is comprised of 120 questions, and you are given only 120 minutes to answer them all. By having the opportunity to practice on similar tests, you can only improve your ability to manage your response times and maximize your fact recollection.

2. Have an Advantage

Even more important than practicing your responses in the allotted time, is knowing the style of questions you will be prepared to answer. To pass the NASM test, you must first clearly understand how the test itself is broken down, and what is asked in each section.

Obviously, you will not have the exact same questions on the NASM-CPT exam itself, a quality practice test will come very close. A true advantage will be had when you understand the six domains of the NASM test: Professional Development and Responsibility, Client Relations and Behavior Coaching, Basic and Applied Sciences and Nutritional Concepts, Assessment, Program Design, and Exercise Technique and Training Instruction.

Knowing these categories, and the weighting each has on the overall exam results, gives the test taker a huge advantage. Not only will you have the knowledge and experience, but you’ve practiced the tools to have a distinct advantage as well.

3. Know Before You Go

In the same token that you want to practice the NASM test and have an advantage knowing its breakdown and weighted topics, understanding the logistics surrounding the exam and certification itself is especially helpful.

It does no good to practice for the exam and have all the knowledge if you don’t correctly fill out paperwork, know the location where the test is administered, as well as several other small, but crucial details.

Do some homework on the entire NASM-CPT exam process before you start any steps and come up with a detailed plan or list of the items you need to complete.

First, know the stats. A lot of people want to gage whether they will have a chance of passing before they even attempt to take the test. While it may not be a logical methodology, it is common. Luckily you should know that the NASM-CPT has a 64% pass rate. Test takers will need a minimum score of 70% to pass.

It is really important to cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s” when it comes to registering for the NASM exam as well. Make sure you know the application process, as well as all important deadlines. It can take time to confirm scheduling for a specific testing location, be sure you know the turnaround time and allow yourself enough time.

Also, keep in mind you might not pass, and have a clear alternate plan prepared in advance for a make-up examination. By creating a safety net, you can take some of the pressure off yourself for the first (and hopefully only) attempt.

Be prepared to gather your finances, not only for the NASM-CPT exam itself, (which can cost up to $600), but also your study preparation materials. An exceptional NASM practice test site will provide you with all this information in greater detail, without costing you an additional fortune.

In Conclusion

There is no guarantee that completing all the steps mentioned will mean you pass the NASM-CPT exam with flying colors. However, by practicing and using all your advantages – including the ins and outs of the process itself, you give yourself a huge head start.

Remember, not practice tests for NASM are created equal, neither are preparatory programs. Be sure you are getting the proper instructions and challenging questions to help you perform at your absolute best. Always have confidence – if you have adequately prepared, there is no reason you won’t succeed.

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