How Do I Look After My Glasses?

Wearing glasses may be something that you are learning to get used to, or have been a part of your life for many years. Either way, it is never too late to learn how to take care of them properly, as well as to remove any bad habits that may have crept in over the years. Taking the time to educate yourself on the best ways to take care can help your eyes, and prevent you from needing to pay out for repairs or replacement.

Taking Care of Glasses

Check Their Fit

If you don’t regularly check the fit of your glasses, they may be more likely to slip off of your face, leading to loss or damage. Rather than just bending them, you may instead want to learn to adjust your glasses so they fit better. This way they will sit comfortably. If your glasses are too tight, they may dig into your face. When the arms are too loose, not only will you have the aforementioned slipping risk, but they may also no longer sit correctly, which means you will not be able to fully benefit from their use. Spending some time once a week to quickly check their fit means that they are unlikely to have altered drastically. If that were the case, they may need a repair.

Use the Case

Your glasses are important for you to be able to carry out your daily activities, so you need to store them correctly. Putting them in their case can help to prevent damage, and also ensure you know where you are. When you factor in that the average person spends 2.5 days each year hunting for lost items, it quickly becomes apparent how a good storage routine can save you time and energy. Getting into the routine of putting them in their case, rather than on a table, chair, or the nearest surface, could help you to avoid sitting or standing on them.

Protect Them

Protection isn’t simply about putting them in their case when not in use. There may be some situations where it isn’t appropriate to take your glasses. An example of this can be when going to the beach. The sand, as well as the high salt content in the sea, can cause scratches to appear on the lens. Likewise, they may also damage the paintwork and design of the frames themselves. In situations like this, it could be a good idea to keep them in their case, either in the car or your handbag, and only wearing them if necessary. Alternatively, you could use an old pair of glasses for such occasions, where you do not mind as much if any damage occurs. 

Looking after your glasses means you will be able to keep using them with ease. Your frames were created to fulfill a role and any damage or poor adjustments could prevent them from accomplishing that role. Glasses can be trendy and fashionable too, so long as they are treated with the utmost care.

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