Old But Gold: Turn Your Old Clothes Into Fashionable Outfits

You can easily express your creative side by turning your old clothes into completely modern and cool pieces of clothing. You may be having troubles with your finances, but it doesn’t mean you don’t get to be fashionable. Take a good look at your wardrobe and see what you can work with, with just a couple of great ideas and tricks.

1. Use a pin

Enamel pins, lapels, and collar pins are very easy to find and really cheap. In just a couple of minutes, you can upgrade your denim jacket, the back pocket of your jeans or refresh your plain shirt. Just a pinch or two – and there’s a new piece of clothing for you.

2. Take out the scissors

Old dresses from your closet can be updated in a matter of seconds. Or you got bored with your favorite pair of pants? Take out your scissors and take a couple of centimeters off the bottom. It will look like a brand new outfit. Dresses especially make a difference if you shorten an ankle-long dress and make it a knee-length one. Here’s another idea on how to use the scissors: cut the sleeves off a pullover and turn it into a sweater vest.

3. Add a collar

Your tops, dresses, and T-shirts can swiftly be turned into a chick outfit if you only sew a collar onto them. You can use any fabric you want to make a collar, just make sure its color is in contrast with the piece of clothing you’re planning on sewing it onto. It will glam up the whole outfit.

4. Just dye it

Some T-shirts became just plain boring. If they’re made of cotton, the simplest way to make them look new is to do a dip-dye treatment. You can choose between Shibori-dye, ombré or tie, depending on your preference, but whichever you choose, it will definitely transform your clothes and make it look way more fun.

5. Turn it into a new clothing piece

You probably have an old, really short skirt with tubing at the waistline. Well, you can have a strapless new top instead if you pull it up. If you’re feeling creative, sew crocheting straps onto the top and it will definitely be a different piece of clothing.

6. Use new accessories

If you choose the right accessories, an old outfit can look like a brand new and modern thing. For example, putting a funky belt together with ripped jeans or a T-shirt will change the overall combination. A little black dress can look way sexier if you wear fishnet stockings under it. Take another look at your accessories – you’ll get an idea.

7. Let an old dress be a new top

Maybe you have a couple of dresses that you don’t feel like wearing anymore because they are too short (your style changes in time), so instead of getting rid of them, find some funky tights or nice leggings, put on cute Menorcan sandals or high heels and get a completely new look. In winter, switch the sandals and high heels with cool boots and your dress becomes wearable even during cold seasons.

8. Monogramming

Monogramming your things will always look cool and it’s never out of style. Instead of spending hours trying to find a bag or a T-shirt with a cool message, just visit your local tailor or get your DIY on and embroider a piece of clothing you’re fed up with.

All in all

Creativity works in many ways, so when you start thinking about how to freshen up your old clothes, you’ll be surprised just how many possibilities there are. The more you experiment, the more ideas you’ll get.

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