Munchkin 3-in-1 Potty Seat with Potty-Training Checklist

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review. I was not paid in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. 

Ok so I’m sure you’ve guessed what this is all about right? Yup it’s that time when we do another review of a product that I’m currently using. This is the Munchkin 3-in-1 Potty Seat. Are we having great results with it. You’ll have to read to find out!

Mommy had decided with the wisdom that she so thinks she has that its time for me to start potty training. Do I think it’s time? Not really, but mommy thinks so and if mommy thinks so then I guess it is so. 

Just like most mommies, she did a search on the internet for signs that your toddler may be ready to be potty trained. Did the checklist and decided, yup! She’s ready! Granted I may do some of those things but I still think I’ll go in my own time. Lets see who win this fight. I think it’s going to be ME!

For those of you wondering where mommy found this checklist that is so cool and creditworthy. She found it at For those who are too lazy to click on the link or just couldn’t be bothered, I’ll put it in quote here for you to read. I know a lot of you mommies do the same thing. You check out those developmental milestones and read them like they are the Babies Bible. 

“Physical signs

Is coordinated enough to walk, and even run, steadily.

Urinates a fair amount at one time.

Has regular, well-formed bowel movements at relatively predictable times.

Has “dry” periods of at least two hours or during naps, which shows that his bladder muscles are developed enough to hold urine.

Behavioral signs

Can sit down quietly in one position for two to five minutes.

Can pull his pants up and down.

Dislikes the feeling of wearing a wet or dirty diaper.

Shows interest in others’ bathroom habits (wants to watch you go to the bathroom or wear underwear).

Gives a physical or verbal sign when he’s having a bowel movement such as grunting, squatting, or telling you.

Demonstrates a desire for independence.

Takes pride in his accomplishments.

Isn’t resistant to learning to use the toilet.

Is in a generally cooperative stage, not a negative or contrary one.

Cognitive signs

Understands the physical signals that mean he has to go and can tell you before it happens or even hold it until he has time to get to the potty.

Can follow simple instructions, such as “go get the toy.”

Understands the value of putting things where they belong.

Has words for urine and stool.”

OK I admit I have most of those signs, especially the behavioral ones. I especially love to watch mommy go the bathroom and I have a fit if she decides to close the door on me. Does it mean that I want to go? No it just means that I’m a nosy body who might be a mini peeping tom.

Anyway when mommy got the opportunity to to review this potty she said why not? After all Madison is ready right? Not really, but we’ll go along with it for now!

Fresh out the package

The potty comes already set up and the first thing mommy and I noticed when we opened it was the smell. Not a nasty smell, but a very nice smell that smells almost like something I can eat. It turned out to be the Arm & Hammer Deodorizing disc with odor eliminating baking soda which is used for odor control. I don’t think I’ll need an air freshener with that around. Noticed the way it is shaped? It can be used as a step stool. I stepped on it and there was no fear of it tipping over. Very sturdily made I should say.

Ta da! The inside!

Once it’s opened it comes with this handy convenient toddler flushable wipes. Yay for your bathroom toilet because we all know you’re not supposed to flush baby wipes down there. The great thing about these is that these comes as refills which can be purchased separately but it does come with 2 and each contains 36 wipes. Notice that the deodorizer is still sealed in plastic? But guess what you can smell it through the box. That’s how strong it is. Not overly powerful that makes you want go to the bathroom but a nice strong. ok that doesn’t make much sense but I’m hoping my readers who are all pretty smart knows what I’m trying to say.

Deodorizer and flushable wipes are the only thing that needs to be put together

The deodorizer was a very simple install. Just click and its in. Right above the potty seat. Mommy says that I have enough pictures and it was so simple to do that I don’t need to show you. I think mommy is wrong but once again because she’s mommy, she’s right. The only problem mommy had, and it was a very small problem was getting the flushable wipes in the side where it belongs. She wasn’t doing something right but finally got it. I love where it is located. I can grab it easily and when I finally understand how to properly wipe I can do this for myself. 

Potty with flushable wipes installed

The parts you see below are all removable which makes it very easy to clean. The white removable trainer seat can be used on the toilet when I’m big enough to use the adult toilet like a big kid. The green bowl is where everything is collected and is very easy to clean. It is relatively small compared to some we’ve seen but not too small to be considered unusable. 

ok so you want to know my views on this right? Its why you’re now here at this final picture. Did you expect to see a glamor shot of me on my potty? Really? Well maybe some of you were so sorry to disappoint. 

We love that it is a complete potty training system. Now you longer have to buy a potty training seat for the toilet. You also don’t have to buy a step stool either. The deodorizer is a very nice added touch. No one really needs to leave the bathroom smelling stinky. This will clearly clear up all that stinky smell. You will surely be saving money in the long run by buying this and to be honest you really don’t need to buy the flushable wipes refill, they’re really just recommended. 

So yes we love our new potty and we recommend it! It gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up!  

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