Meet the Totz and Girlz from GirlznDollz

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I love being me and I say that no one can be me like me! I’ve always had my own distinct personality and you can see it shine in me whenever I’m around other kids, and even when I’m home with my siblings and parents. Mommy encourages my individuality because as I said, no one can be me like me. Now the company I’m introducing you to today believes in celebrating individuality. Introducing GirlznDollz. Their goal is to help Girlz discover and accept who they are, not what others want them to be. They also want Girlz to learn that imagination and compassion can open up their world and teach them to accept one another as they are. What a great concept! GirlznDollz makes these amazing rag dolls with their own individual fashion style that mirrors her personality, her interests and who she wants to be.

I was lucky enough to get one from each of their collection. Yes there are two collections. The Totz which like their name seems to suggest are perfect for tots. Then there is the Just 2 Girlz which is great for older girls, but also great for tots as well. Each doll is soft so there are no hard protruding parts and there is also no small pieces that you need to worry about. So without further ado….. let’s first meet The Totz.

Currently there are seven Totz dolls and as I mentioned each is unique. Each soft and cuddly and 14″ tall. If you’re looking for one with red hair they’ve got it. Looking for one with blonde hair, she’s there too. What about pink hair? Pink hair you say? Well don’t despair she’s also there. It can be hard for me being of ethnic descent to find dolls for me but I was very surprised that they also had not just one but 2 that looked just like me. I decided to choose Elana Winter Cute.

Elana came in the cutest dollhouse gift box which you can use to play with or even gift. Elana looks like me with her tanned skin. She has brown curly bangs underneath pink furry winter hat. Her eyes are embroidered and unfortunately her hat isn’t removable which would have been nice. I like taking off and on my dolls clothes.

She wears a matching removable pink coat, with multicolor knit skirt, blue legging and pink furry boots. Totally fashionable and all ready for winter. The Lil Totz are recommended for ages 3+.

Now let’s meet the Girlz:

There are currently five Just2Girlz all 18″ tall and I decided to get Emme Island Getaway. Can you guess why I choose her? Just the name should have given you a clue. If you’re new to my blog you might not know but if you’re a regular here then you would. Mommy originally grew up in the Caribbean and my grandma currently lives there as well. I’ve paid the Caribbean a few visits in the past and I LOVE it there! I wish I could take an Island Getaway right now. When the weather starts getting cold and winter starts kicking in, I always wish I was back there on the beach soaking in the Caribbean sun.

Emme truly didn’t disappoint. She as well came in a Just2Girlz dollhouse box. She is once again tanned just like me and just like most island girls, she also has on a tropical top indicative of taking that getaway. She has the softest fabric hair tied to the side in a pink bow.

Her sandals even matched her shirt and I just loved her white eyelet skirt. She’s also huggable and lovable and all I wanted to do was give her lots of hugs. Once again there are no small parts on these dolls but you may want to be careful with the hair if your little one still likes putting things in her mouth. The Just2Girlz dolls are recommended for ages 5+

I really enjoyed playing with these two new dolls from GirlznDollz and can certainly see them becoming my new best friends. They have even made it to my chair of honor. They are not only perfect for playing with but also great for cuddling as well. With their very soft bodies your little one won’t be saying “ouch” if they happen to fall on them unlike other dolls. They will make great holiday gifts and your little one would love them as much as I do. Be who you want to be and showcase your individuality. I’m also loving the GirlznDollz motto: Be Confident, Be Happy, Be You! And that’s why they get my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Here are the ways to connect with Girlz N Dollz:

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