What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Car Keys and Have No Spare

We have all been there. One second we have them in our hands, the next moment we are frantically looking for them. You probably do not even want to think about losing your car keys, but the truth is that such things can happen. And, to make matters worse, you might even discover that your spare is nowhere to be found. Well, not everything is lost. Do not hesitate to keep on reading and see the best things to do in such situations.

Do not panic

Not only panicking will not help you but it will keep you from pursuing solutions that are useful. Do your best to stay calm and relaxed; try to breathe in and out. Take several minutes to take the stress out of the situation and, when you are calm, reassess the situation.

The Obvious Places

A simple solution would be to begin searching for the car keys, paying particular attention to the areas they would typically be. Sometimes, we do not even notice where we have left our keys and waste precious time searching for them. Extend your search area, only after you have checked all of the typical places, double-checking these locations.

Search the Car

We are so busy trying to handle a multitude of things at once that we have begun to forget the essentials. Today’s modern vehicles have automated locking systems, so a car lockout is quite a common occurrence. In the situation you have noticed the keys in the ignition, it is time to call a professional locksmith and request his/her specialized services.

Retrace Your Steps

According to psychology experts, it seems that one can easily find lost items, including car keys, by retracing his/her actions. Relax, close your eyes, focus and think about the last time and place you saw the keys. You can associate activities or feelings to that mental image, adding as many details as it is possible. Retrace your steps to the present moment and, who knows; you might be able to identify the location of the car keys.

Search Party

Before everything seems to be lost, call your friends or family members and ask for help. Organize a search party and check out the entire neighborhood, as well as any other areas you might have visited throughout the day. Make sure to provide as much information about your keys as it is possible; nowadays, there are so many different car keys, that offering additional information can make all the difference.

Locksmith Assistance

If you have failed to find the car keys, the last obvious solution is to seek out locksmith assistance. This expert will come to your property and assess the situation, helping you replace the lost car keys as soon as it is possible. You might also ask the professional locksmith to make one or two spare keys, just for such situations. You can give a spare key to a friend for safe holding; as for the other key, put it somewhere you can remember.

In conclusion, these are some of the things you can do, in the situation, when you have lost your car keys, and there is no spare available. Always stay calm and go through all the recommended steps, seeking out the help of an experienced locksmith and taking out the stress out of the experience.

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