Caramel Chocolate Chip Dip

Halloween is almost here and there are two things that I love. Caramel and chocolate! If you’re planning a party this weekend I have the perfect dip that combines them both. How about trying our Caramel Chocolate Chip Dip? I guarantee that it will be a hit at your party not just with you but with your guests as well.

Here is what you’ll need:


1 pkg. Cream Cheese (8 oz.), softened

1⁄2 Cup Light Brown Sugar

1⁄2 teas. Vanilla

7 oz. Marshmallow Crème

1/3 Cup Caramel Ice Cream Topping

 1⁄2 Cup Mini Chocolate Chips


In a medium bowl mix the Cream Cheese and Brown sugar until well incorporated.

Add the Marshmallow Crème and Vanilla, stir until uniform in color.

Stir in the Caramel topping until mixed well.

Add the Chocolate chips and stir to combine.

Refrigerate or serve immediately.

Serve with Apple Slices, Pretzels, Graham Crackers, Celery or anything else that you would like to dip.

If you do decide to give a go let me know how you or your guests like it. Enjoy!

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