Tamarind Mocktail Mule

Growing up in the Caribbean I got to experience life differently. Back in those days, my days were spent playing outdoors, climbing trees and we didn’t come inside until the sun went down or your parent called you, which was almost never. It was a LOT of fun, nothing like what the kids are into these days. There was no internet, no smart phones and while there were video games (Nintendo, Atari) we didn’t spend our entire days in front of a TV screen playing. There was no such thing as Google and if we wanted to learn something new, we either looked it up in an Encyclopedia or we went to the library. While I miss those days, I do appreciate the advancement of technology but it does seem that it has taken the fun out of living for most kids. For example, we would go out to dinner and every one’s cell phone would be out texting, on Facebook or just browsing their favorite site YouTube. Nothing like the good old days where we would go to dinner and actually have dinner and a real conversation. Now my mind is racing (my ADHD is kicking in) and I’m thinking this is turning into an entire different post, so lets get back on track. One of the things I really loved about the Caribbean are the different fruits that we could get to eat fresh. One of them which is in our recipe today, our Tamarind Mocktail Mule, is one that we got fresh from the tamarind tree. One of the delicacies that we make in St. Vincent is called tamarind Balls, where they roll the tamarinds around in sugar and make them into balls. Sometimes they are sour, sometimes sweet but no matter the taste, they are absolutely delicious!

Tamarind Mocktail Mule


3 ounces tamarind soda

2 ounces ginger beer (t’s a non-alcoholic drink)

1/2 ounce mint syrup

crushed ice

fresh sage leaf or mint


In a cocktail shaker combine tamarind soda, ginger beer and mint syrup. Mix with a stirrer.

Pour contents in a copper mug filled with crushed ice.

Garnish with fresh sage leaf.

Serve and enjoy!

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