Common Marriage Problems That Can Lead to Divorce

Common Marriage Problems That Can Lead to Divorce

Relationships are like plants; they need constant care and attention to flourish and stay healthy. However, relationships are far more complicated than one might anticipate, as you might not always be able to identify problems in order to fix them. Happily ever after may seem like a fairy tale for many people, but those who work on their marriage constantly and fix arising problems tirelessly will be able to live happily as they can be. The first step to tackle these marriage problems and evade divorce is to identify them early on before they escalate. Below are the most common problems that married couples can face.

Common Marriage Problems That Can Lead to Divorce

Lack of Communication

Communication is an essential tool for everyone and it plays a vital role in a healthy marriage. Usually, partners fight without even communicating how they feel or how the other one makes them feel. Talking to the other partner isn’t necessarily a form of communication because it requires more than talking. Communicating also requires active listening. For instance, a spouse needs to listen carefully to their partner and process what they want to say, so they can clear a misunderstanding or fix the problem of an argument. In extreme cases, spouses can always go to a marriage counselor if they fail to communicate properly.

Money Spending Issues

Usually, after getting married, both partners join their finances to spend money on their shared household. However, some couples may begin to fight with each other because of their spending habits, and it may start an argument that can lead to dissecting those personal habits and traits that they don’t like in each other. Financial problems are the most common signs that your marriage is over, and you need to start fixing them before it’s too late. These issues usually start when one partner earns less than the other, as it can make them feel that they are not as productive or successful as their partner. On the other hand, the other partner might feel that they have the right to spend more money since they are the one earning more money. Sometimes, married couples face financial problems that make one spouse more stressed. It puts huge pressure on them and, in return, they end up arguing with their partner over minor issues without realizing the real reason behind the argument.

Losing the Spark

If you bought a new phone, you’ll certainly feel very excited and use it all the time in the first few days. After a while, you’ll care less about it as it already became too familiar. The same thing can happen in marriage as spouses can sometimes get bored of their partner’s habits. It may even affect their intimate life and lose their sexual interest in each other. The day-to-day routine isn’t suitable for everyone as some may find it comforting, while others may find it to be very boring. Some spouses stop making efforts or appreciating their partners which can eventually lead to huge fights. It’s up to each individual to resolve this problem by either accepting and appreciating one another or breaking the routine from time to time to spice their lives up.

Common Marriage Problems That Can Lead to Divorce

Unhealthy Jealousy

Often the word “jealousy” is linked to a negative trait, but sometimes it can be a beneficial emotion. When you show your partner that you’re jealous, this makes them feel that they’re still wanted and loved. However, sometimes a jealous partner can turn into a stalker watching every move of their spouse and making them feel like they’re being watched all the time. On the other hand, a total lack of jealousy may show no care or wanting to the other partner. That’s why there should always be a little ounce of healthy jealousy between couples to keep the relationship in balance.


Many people think of infidelity as only being intimate with someone else, but the truth is, infidelity comes in various forms. Emotional infidelity may be more catastrophic than the physical one as it shows that their spouse is interested in someone else for who they are and it leaves the other partner thinking that their significant other has found a better match than them. Also, having internet relationships outside marriage are becoming more popular and frequent nowadays as technology advances, making it a new form of infidelity in the 20th century. In the end, infidelity leads to a lack or even a total loss of trust between couples, and we all know that trust is one of the strongest foundations of a healthy marriage.

Final Thoughts

We all make mistakes and sometimes, we don’t see what we’re doing wrong. However, with enough care and effort, we can always work on ourselves and become better individuals and partners.

When a marriage has problems, you shouldn’t assume the only option is to hire some divorce lawyers. Marriage is all about working out our differences and accepting the imperfections of one another. Helping each other to become better individuals by loving and caring for each other is the true essence of a healthy marriage.

Remember that there is no shame in consulting a therapist or a marriage counselor to seek help and save your marriage. Sometimes, we need a third person to show us what we are missing out on to have a healthy marriage.

Did you know that marriage counseling has a success rate of 70% to 80%? When talking to each other about problems in a marriage doesn’t seem to work, it makes sense to have a third-party involved to help see things from each other’s perspectives.

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