How to Get Your Kids Excited About Having a Smart Home

Installing smart home features is a fun and exciting time – for adults. But for children, it may be a hard sell.

However, the benefits of a smart home are undeniable. Not only do you create a more efficient and simpler lifestyle, but you also make the future easier for your children. 

When you start the process, your children might get confused, curious, or even upset about the changes happening. But whatever their initial reaction, you can foster excitement about the new smart home in your kids. All you need to do is involve them in the process. 

If you’re looking for ways to get your kids involved and educated on living in a smart home, keep reading!

How to Get Your Kids Excited About Having a Smart Home

1. Show Them the Tech

While many parents say that technology is bad for children, you can foster your kids’ learning and growth if you use it appropriately

Smart home devices and apps can be part of the learning process for your young ones. While you’re installing the applications and learning how to use them, show your children. 

If you show them how to install the master programs on your phone and other devices, they’ll learn a new skill while being a part of the household process. 

2. Let Them Program Some Functions

The best part of having a smart home is the automated functions. With the press of a button, you can set the ideal household temperature, turn the lights on and off, and watch your security cameras. 

While you can handle the less fun programs like temperature, get your kids involved in programming. Let them program things like the temperature or turn on the security camera. 

As they program, you can guide them through the process. You can either allow your child to set what they want under your guidance or watch you set the programs. 

As a note of caution, we all know that children, especially younger children, can be rough on technology. They might drop it, misplace it, play with it like it’s a toy, etc. If you have little ones who get a little rowdy, we recommend buying a new iPhone 12 phone case to protect your phone before you let them use it to program.  

3. Have a Voice-Activated Dance Party

With everything set up, it’s time to have fun and let loose. A great way to get your kids excited about a smart home is by promising voice-activated dance parties. 

When everything is functioning correctly, plan a day to get together with your kids and dance with them. Allow them to choose the playlists or songs with their voices. Bring snacks. Get ready to boogie. 

If your kids loved the first party, plan to make them regular! It can lead to a wonderful bonding time.

4. Create a Secret Intercom Code System

Another fantastic part of having a smart home is the intercom system. It lets you talk to your family no matter where they are in the house. 

While they might seem apprehensive (after all, no one wants mom to have the power to scold them from anywhere!), you can help them understand better by creating a fun code to use. 

Use code words like over or heard, maybe come up with nicknames, and have fun. 

Enjoy Smart Living with Your Children

Smart homes allow you to live with more efficiency and safety. When you teach your children how to use technology the right way, you can help prepare them to live with tech integrated into their lives. Use the above tips to make the learning process fun while enjoying quality time with the little ones.

Have fun!

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