Everything You Need to Know About Tantra

Tantra could be said to be older than civilization itself. Hailing from ancient India, this practice dates more than 5,000 years. Tantra is a word of Sanskrit descent. It simply translates to “woven together.” Tantra goes behind more than just the physical; it is also spiritual. That is why Buddhist and Hindu meditators practice tantric sex. It is an avenue to “weave” the physical with the spiritual. This practice’s primary aim and purpose are to bring spirituality and sexuality together while emphasizing the importance of intimacy during a sexual experience. 

However, Tantra isn’t just about sexual pleasure. The goal is to enjoy the feeling of heightened sensuality and celebrate the body. The practice combines spirituality, sexuality, as well as mindfulness. It enables a sensual experience, which can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. The purpose of tantric sex is to gain spiritual or energetic contact during a sensual experience. Tantric sex is usually very slow, and achieving orgasm isn’t part of the goal. It is aimed at creating a connection between you and your partner. Many things, including breathing, sounds, and movements, are involved in creating this sexual energy.

What You Need To Know About Tantric Sex

It is pretty much exciting that Tantra isn’t just about sex. It involves several spiritual concepts from eastern philosophy. Although there is a common misconception about tantric sex, it is usually a wild, uninhibited sexual experience. Despite its ability to open you up to new sensations, tantric practices are as much mental as spiritual. Another popular misconception around Tantra is that it’s always necessary to have a partner. Despite being a common practice for couples, tantric sex can also be practiced alone. There is no need for genital contact or sexual intercourse before one can have a tantric experience.

Although sexual intercourse can help build your experience, you could also practice Tantra as an individual to feel more connected to your mind and body and give yourself pleasure. It is advisable to indulge yourself with the best books on tantra and tantric sex to understand Tantra better, as they are more informative and explanatory than reading excerpts online. Most people who indulge in tantric techniques or follow tantric paths have an overall goal of freeing the soul and expanding consciousness. It is also important to note that tantric sex isn’t about bending into strenuous poses or positions. All it involves is being close to your partner in a way that’s comfortable for you. There are no rules to it, so you get the chance to do whatever you and your partner are comfortable with.

How to Explore Tantric Sex

There is no manual as to how tantric sex should go, so it is necessary to explore a few techniques that you can try to get ready as a couple or individual. The first thing to do is create the right environment—a good place to practice tantric techniques. The place has to be conducive enough for you and your partner. After finding a proper place, you need to focus on the following.


Meditation simply means taking a moment to be aware of your surroundings. This is done by using your senses to take in everything going on around you.


By taking deep and slow breaths and emptying your lungs by exhaling, you tend to feel a sensation in your sex organs. It is important to repeat this until you have rhythm. 


You are supposed to lay flat on your back and let go of the tension. As you take in deep breaths, make your back arch and lift your pelvis in unison. This can be repeated to create a rhythm and feel yourself letting go of stress and connecting with your body and emotions.

How Tantric Sex Works in Relationships

Tantric sex is supposed to be sensual, free of rush, and satisfying. If you intend to explore tantric sex with your partner, the first thing you can practice together is eye contact. You are supposed to face your partner while fully clothed and staring into the eyes of each other. You could then proceed to practice the breathing techniques and synchronize your breath. Once you’ve developed a rhythm, you can start incorporating tantric techniques. When you finally undress, you can touch, feel, and move with your partner, however, feels best for you. The most important thing here is to maintain eye contact and to continue to focus on your breathing. In the present moment, all that matters is to enjoy every sensation.

Tantra and Tantric sex aren’t like the conventional sex. All that matters here is bonding, intimacy, and satisfaction. This is something every couple should try out as it helps build a better connection. By getting familiar with its true practice through study and practice, individuals and relationships are strengthened.

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