How To Teach Your Teenager to Drive

My daughter just recently got her drivers license which included getting a new car as well. I have to admit that teaching her to drive wasn’t always easy. While I would have loved for her to be my little girl forever and drive her everywhere she wanted to go, it would not be possible. Eventually your little girl or boy has to grow up.

So the time has come for you to teach your teenager how to drive. Your palms are sweating and your heart is racing, but that moment is here. Your teenager is more than ready to drive, so now is the time to start the training session. Here are 10 tips we have for teaching your teenager to drive.

1. Stay calm

The moment you and your teen start arguing, the faster this driving session is going to go downhill. Make sure you stay as calm as possible to keep everything going smooth. I think this was my hardest choice ever, it can be hard being calm especially since teenagers seem to think they know it all. Also remember they’re just as nervous as you are.

2. Let the teen drive

As much as you want to reach over and grab the wheel from their hands, it’s important to let the teen drive. They’re the ones learning how to drive, so keep that in mind. Don’t become that backseat/passenger driver that we all hate.

3. Go over basics

Before your teen even gets behind the wheel it’s important to go over the basics of driving. The LAST thing you want to do is go over “the basics” while you’re trying to teach real life driving skills.

4. Practice in all weather conditions

Unless you live in a place where is 70 degrees and sunny all the time, it’s important to practice in all weather conditions. If you live where you have snow like we do, it’s a good idea to practice driving in the snow. You never know when they will have to do it without you. Having that experience will help in the long run.

5. Role play

When it comes to learning how to drive, it’s important to know how to react when other drivers come your way. Staying cool, calm, and collected is one attitude every driver must have! Role play with your teen to discuss possible situations that could arise while driving.

6. Practice making last minute decisions

A lot of driving has to do with making last minute decisions. Help your teen learn how to turn their signal on quickly, move out of the way when needed, and to keep their distance from other vehicles.

7. Go over seatbelt rules

Not all teens take the whole seatbelt rule seriously. It’s important to go over seatbelt safety, go over it 100 times if that’s what it takes, and like we do, never leave the driveway until everyone is safely buckled up.

8. No cell phones

No teen will ever be successful with driving if they don’t learn to keep their cell phone put away. Go over cell phone rules before you even start teaching your teen how to drive. All it takes is one second to take your eyes off the road to text or answer a call and that one second could be a life changer. If necessary you can install a handsfree voice activated device into your teens car that will prevent them from actually touching their phone.

9. Gas in the car

You’ll want to go over the basics of teaching your teen how to put gas in the vehicle. You’d be surprised at how many teenagers don’t know how to do this.

10. Practice helps a lot

While practicing doesn’t make perfect, it is an important part of learning how to drive. The more practice your teen gets, the better driver he/she will be eventually. You also don’t want them to repeat their driving test over and over again. That can also be costly.

Teaching your teen how to drive will be an experience that you both will never forget. Make sure you follow these tips to help your teen have an exciting and safe driving adventure.

What are some tips you have for teaching your teenager how to drive?

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