How to Set up an Easter Scavenger Hunt at Home

Easter Scavenger Hunt at Home

Easter scavenger hunts are a traditional holiday game where real or plastic eggs get decorated and hidden in the yard for kids to look for, and a great Easter tradition for kids to look forward to. Now, there are all sorts of cool ways to set your very own Easter scavenger hunt at home to make Easter Sunday extra special. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

How to Set up an Easter Scavenger Hunt at Home

1. Designate a Space for the Hunt

Are you setting up your Easter scavenger hunt it in the backyard or the front yard? Perhaps you’d rather do it indoors. Well, whichever one you choose, make sure to set up a perimeter. This will make it so much easier for your children to find the eggs

For example, if you’re throwing the scavenger hunt indoors, think about limiting the hunting ground to the first floor or the living room and kitchen. If you’re doing it outside, limit the hunting ground to the backyard only. That way, the kids won’t go wild looking in places where there are no eggs.

2. Add a Couple of Easter Egg Clues

Write down a couple of clues that will lead your little ones to the eggs. Make sure to keep them simple so they don’t get too frustrated. But if you have teens at home, you might want to include a couple of riddles to make it a bit more interesting. 

Here are some examples:

  • “You’ll find me where your favorite movie rests until you’re ready to watch.” This would be the DVD rack or wherever they hide their DVDS.
  • “Haven’t found an egg? Then look inside the place where mommy or daddy go to check for mail.” This would be the mailbox, of course.  

3. Add Treats to the Eggs

While real eggs are okay, we recommend the hollow plastic ones so the kids can just open by pulling the two halves apart. This will give you a chance to add a small toy or candy inside and it will inspire the kiddos to hunt for more eggs. If you choose to hide a toy, make sure it’s not too small as this can cause a young child to swallow it by accident.

How to Set up an Easter Scavenger Hunt at Home

4. Hide the Eggs and Remember Where They Are

Hide a dozen eggs or two dozen if the group of kids is larger than 4 or 5. Make sure to get sneaky when hiding them around the house or backyard, but don’t make it so difficult that the kids will never find them. 

Make sure to keep track of the eggs by jotting down their location. That way, you don’t have to worry about one of the eggs not being found only to resurface months later. Another important thing to remember is that the location of each egg has to be consistent with the clues you wrote earlier. So, don’t just place eggs behind a big tree or under a piece of furniture unless the clues hint at the location of the egg. 

5. Make an Easter Treasure Chest

Instead of hiding plastic eggs with mini treats inside each egg, try putting all the tasty treats, snacks, and gifts in one basket. That way, your kids will look for plastic eggs with clues inside which will lead to a big Easter treasure chest full of treats. 

You can add a couple of Peeps Chick marshmallow candies, Easter party favors, some Cadbury Eggs, or you can bake some Easter egg sugar cookies. Just make sure that they’re stored in a nice cool place so they won’t melt.

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