Top Things to Look for When Shopping for a Mower

Top Things to Look for When Shopping for a Mower

So, are you looking to buy a new mower? These purchases can be quite tricky – especially for those that are buying their first lawn-mower. What should you look for? How much money should you spend on a product that you’ll be satisfied with? Not all that many people know the answers to these questions for sure. And yet, a lot of people proceed to buy a random model just because they aren’t aware of the difference that it can make. 

Well, we’re here to tell you that having the right model on your hand makes all the difference. So, if you want to mow your lawn easily, efficiently, and while being comfortable – keep on reading to find out what you should look for.

Should you opt for a walking or a riding model? 

The first thing that you need to assess is whether you should opt for a walking or a riding model. There are several variables that you need to think about when assessing this. The most important ones are the size of the area that you’ll be mowing, the comfort level that you’re looking for, and how much you are willing to spend.

If we’re talking about regular models, walking mowers are a lot more affordable. They may be a bit harder to maneuver, and if you’re covering large distances, they might not be the best option for you. Riding mowers are propelled by the engine that powers the wheels without the need for you to push them. Not only are they a better option for large areas, but they also help a lot for mowing sloped lots as well. 

You need to consider the surface area

The best way for you to be sure of what model you should opt for is to measure the area that you’ll be working with. The easiest way for you to make this approximation is to walk in rectangles over your lawn until you have covered the entire area. After you’re done, you want to add the rectangles up and continue to consider the surface area by considering your stride. For you to boost precision, you can simply measure your stride and work with that measure.

Ultimately, if your lawn area is any larger than one-fourth of an acre – you want to opt for a riding mower. In general, it can be quite hard for people to cover such areas, so it just isn’t worth the struggle. You just need to assess this realistically. If you happen to see that you’re getting tired while measuring the area, the probability is high that you should go for a riding model. 

Gas or electric – which is better?

Well, both models have their pros and cons. 

Petrol lawn models

When it comes to gas models, their main advantage is the fact that they are cheaper and more powerful. Of course, many variations are depending on the model. For more information, looking up petrol lawn mower reviews from WhatShed can put these aspects into a full picture when it comes to the model that you should choose. A most common drawback with these models is the fact that they are harder to maintain. Also, due to the use of petrol, they can be quite messy.

A feature that you might want to look for when buying a gas model is called electric start. This feature allows you to start the engine with the push of a button. This is a lot easier rather than yanking a pull cord. 

Electric models

When it comes to electric models, the situation on pros and cons is quite the opposite. They are clean, easy to maintain – but lack the power of a traditional gas model. They are also easier to start since all of the electric mowers start with the push of a button. Another drawback to these models is the fact that, if they are cordless, you are heavily dependent on the battery. There are also corded models, but if you don’t like the idea of the cord getting around your legs, that might not be the option for you. 

Top Things to Look for When Shopping for a Mower

Rear-wheel drive vs. Front-wheel drive

The front-wheel-drive is the most standard one in general. The intended use of models that operate with this system is for a flat lawn, such mowers can be pushed down the handle for the user to get through a possible obstacle.

Contrary to front-wheel-drive models, the rear-wheel-drive models are intended to be used on sloped areas. They offer the best traction on such terrains, which would otherwise be hard to mow with a front-wheel-drive model.

Of course, some models offer a combination of these models. Such mowers utilize both front and rear-wheel drive. So, if you’re unsure about what you should opt for – this is the easiest way to avoid the dilemma. 

Consider storage as well

Many people aren’t aware of the options that exist regarding storage. For this reason, they end up buying a bulky model that doesn’t fit their storage space, and that is why you might want to look for models that have a folding handle.

Another great feature regarding storage is called upright storage. A large number of electric models can be stored vertically. This is incredibly helpful if you don’t have a lot of storage space. The reason why gas models can’t do this is that oil or gas can leak out quite easily.

Different cutting types and their benefits

Lastly, you might want to consider different ways in which your mowers deal with the cut grass. There are three most common ways – side discharge, mulching, and bagging. The side discharge option is based on discarding the cut grass on the side as you go. This can be frustrating for those that don’t like the idea of taking the time to collect the cut grass afterward.

The second option, mulching, is based on clipping the cut grass to fine, tiny pieces. When the clippings get broken down like this, they can naturally be reabsorbed by the soil. This option is one of the most environmentally friendly ones as well!

The last option is called bagging. It’s quite simple – all of the clippings get stored in a bag. After you are done, you can just take the bag out and dispose of it. 

Top Things to Look for When Shopping for a Mower

Ultimately, the mower that you should opt for should be based on your own needs and preferences. Naturally, for you to be able to assess the parameters that are important to you, you need to know what those parameters affect. After reading this article, you have gained that knowledge – now, you can individually assess what you need. 

Doing research on this topic is important, as people don’t tend to buy mowers all that often. You want to make sure that you’re fully satisfied with the purchase. That being said, before buying, make sure that you compare different models. It will also help if you were to write everything that you find important down to do so more easily. Good luck!

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