Best Places to Hide Easter Eggs

With Easter right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the best places to hide those Easter eggs. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

We all know the drill on Easter morning: hunt high and low for those eggs that the Easter Bunny has left behind. But what if your kids are ready to take their egg-hunting game to the next level? Here are some of the best places to hide Easter eggs, guaranteed to give them a challenge.

Best Places to Hide Easter Eggs

In the backyard – under bushes or in trees

Easter egg hunts are one of the best childhood memories. While the best places to hide those beloved eggs can vary greatly, two popular options for hiding spots include the backyard, under bushes, and in trees. The great thing about these two areas is that they provide plenty of different possibilities and let creativity run wild. You can opt for a traditional hiding spot beneath a bush or take it up a notch by tying colorful ribbons from branches or tucking eggs away within the innermost parts of tree trunks. With the right supplies and a pocketful of imagination, you’ll go on an egg hunt like none other this Easter season!

In the front yard – in flower beds or under the porch

The best places to hide Easter eggs depend on the environment in which you are hiding them. In a front yard, an ideal spot may be tucked away in beds of flowers. They can easily be hidden within the soil and foliage of the plants and can bring a colorful surprise when uncovered by eager egg hunters. If your front yard is without flower beds and landscaping, you can always scrunch up beneath the porch for some creative hiding spots. While it might be difficult to stash several larger eggs within these crevices, it’s perfect for small and medium-sized ones, so don’t forget to check all those out-of-the-way places! Who knows what Easter treasures will turn up?

Inside the house – behind furniture or in closets

When it comes to the best places to hide Easter eggs, the inside of the house is a wonderful place. Behind furniture or in closets are particularly effective hiding spots; you’d be surprised how many Easter eggs can fit into even the most seemingly overcrowded nooks and crannies. These spots are tricky enough to stump even the savviest egg hunters while still being relatively easy to access by adults. Best of all, no one else is getting wind of where your prized Easter eggs may have gone!

On the stairs – in between railings or on top of banisters

On the stairs, in between railings, or on top of banisters can be some of the best places to hide Easter eggs for the traditional Easter egg hunt. It makes hunting more challenging and exciting for those taking part as they look up high between railings, under the handrail on the stairs, and even perched on top of banisters! Hiding eggs carefully in each place that poses a unique challenge can create a real sense of adventure and fun. Even though it takes an extra bit of effort to locate these eggs, it makes it all the more rewarding when you find one hard-to-spot spot.

In the kitchen – in cabinets or drawers

The best places to hide Easter eggs in the kitchen are in cabinets or drawers. A clever trick is to wrap eggs in cling wrap and put them in the back of a drawer among plates, cups, or other kitchen items. Another idea for hiding eggs is to put them in seemingly inaccessible places like the leaves of plastic folding chairs, potato basket holders, and on top of wine rack shelves. For best results, don’t forget to ‘mark’ the locations so you can find your hidden treasure when you start searching!

In the living room – behind curtains or under couch cushions

The best places to hide Easter eggs during the annual egg hunt are often found in the living room. Behind a set of curtains or under some couch cushions, kids can explore without having to venture too far from a comfortable spot. Take it a step further and make sure the hiding spots are difficult enough so that only those with a keen eye and determination will find them all! As an adult, you could add some extra creativity and challenge to this beloved tradition by finding unique hiding spots fit for special prizes.

In the bathroom – under the sink, in the shower, in toilet brush holder

The best places to hide Easter eggs around the bathroom are all the nooks and crannies that aren’t easily visible at first glance. For example, under the sink is a great spot to tuck away a few of those colorful PEZ-sized eggs. The shower also offers hiding spots, either behind toiletries on the edge of the tub or tucked deeper into the corners of shelves. Even inside a new toilet brush holder, where children least expect it, is an ideal place to hide an egg or two! Keep in mind, however, that eggs hidden away too well may risk ending up forgotten until unearthed much later on!

In the fridge – put them in a container or behind something so they’re not easily seen

Easter eggs are always a huge surprise around Easter time, but it can be difficult to find the best hiding spots. One great spot to hide Easter eggs that is often overlooked is in the fridge! When storing eggs in the fridge, make sure to put them in a container or behind something, such as a beverage bottle, food item, or grocery bag, so they’re not easily seen. Not only will this help create an extra element of surprise for when your kids search for the eggs, but it will also help keep your eggs from going off more quickly due to varied temperatures. So if you need a great and unexpected place to store your Easter eggs this year, consider storing them in the fridge!

Under the bed – this is a great place for kids to find them

The best places to hide Easter eggs for children can be found under the bed. It can quickly become the most cherished spot for little ones to hunt for treats and goodies. The fun of searching for and discovering hidden treasures is part of the joy of hunting for Easter eggs, so taking advantage of such a great hiding place is sure to make any child’s Easter morning full of adventure. Under the bed also offers a large enough space for plenty of Easter eggs, giving everyone a chance to find something special from the Easter Bunny without taking up too much time or space.

In books – on a shelf or between the pages of a book

There is something surreal about hiding Easter eggs in books on a shelf or between the pages of a book. It feels like an act of mischievousness and joy to use books as the best place to hide eggs. While some might be concerned about damaging the books, it’s best to use old books that have been sitting on a shelf for years. The best type of books for this purpose are hardcover picture ones with large open spaces in the middle where Easter eggs can conveniently be inserted. Adding this extra bit of fun to your family’s Easter celebration may make you feel like a kid again, and best of all, when it comes time to find those eggs, they will almost certainly add an element of surprise!

In a plant pot, make sure to hide them well so they don’t get found too easily

If you really want to get creative, fill a plant pot with artificial grass and hide the eggs among the foliage; that way, your egg hunt will last even longer. Make sure to hide them well, though; you don’t want your hungry kids to find them too quickly! The wonderful thing about using a plant pot for Easter egg hiding is the element of surprise. You can use it indoors or outside in order to add an unexpected discovery to any Easter egg hunt. Best of all, everyone will enjoy playing the game!

Behind furniture – move things around slightly so the eggs are hidden but still within reach

When it comes to hiding Easter eggs, it pays to think outside the box. Instead of searching the same spots everyone else is looking at, why not try behind furniture? Moving things around slightly can make a great place to hide them, but it can still make them relatively easy to find afterwards. This approach could provide the perfect combination of both elements: mystery and convenience. That way, you can keep your kids on their toes while still providing them with an enjoyable experience without being too frustrating. Best of all, given that much furniture has shelves and drawers, you can make sure the eggs stay organized and within reach too!

Outside – if it’s warm enough, hide them in the garden or on the porch

The best places to hide Easter eggs? Look no further than around your own home! If the weather is warm enough, hide eggs in your garden or on the porch. The kids will have plenty of places to look and explore, plus, it’s easy for you when the hunt is over if they’re all close by. Best of all, you can get creative with hiding spots and make the search a lot of fun—even better if you can add some clues or jokes along the way.

In conclusion

Now that you know some of the best places to hide Easter eggs, get creative and have fun with it! If you’re feeling stuck, remember that simple is often better. And always make sure to test your hiding spots before committing to them. After all, you don’t want your kids to find all the Easter eggs in two minutes flat!

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