Simply Easy Raspberry Lemon-Lime Splash & Easter Traditions ~ #SeasonalSipsAtSams

This post has been sponsored by SheSpeaks, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

There’s something about Easter that I love and it’s not just about the traditions that we celebrate as a family, or the food that we eat, but also about the time spent together as a family and the memories that we create. My simply easy raspberry lemon-lime splash is sure to be a hit at your Easter table this year.

Every Easter, my family and I would dress up and get ready to celebrate. When I was little it, my mother would wake up early and prepare dinner and then we would head to church. I’m not overly religious, but even now as an adult, there are still a few things that I kept intact from my childhood that are done with my own family. Easter for me is the beginning of spring, which means new wardrobes and even spring-cleaning. However, here are a few of the traditions that I’ve kept intact.

1. Easter Baskets

Now there are discussions about why you shouldn’t give Easter baskets to kids, but this is my household and I do what I want with my own children, and an Easter basket is something that I do. It’s about making Easter morning special and memorable for my kids, and while I don’t stuff their basket filled with candy, there are so many non-candy options you can do, such as crayons and coloring books, and even books to read themselves.

2. Egg Hunts

When my kids were younger, egg hunts would be done in my home by hiding the eggs around the house. Now that they are older, we participate in egg hunts that are near by and the kids all have fun. A quick Google search can help you find you Easter Egg Hunts you and your own family can participate in.

3. Make treats together

I love baking with my kids, and on Easter you can find us in the kitchen whipping up tasty treats, from cookies to cupcakes to even Easter candy bark. We have lots of fun and at the end of it we’re usually covered in flour, however, the time spent together and those treats are so worth it at the end.

4. Go to church

This is something that I grew up doing with my own parents. Every Easter, my parents would get us all new outfits and we would all head to church. As I mentioned before, I’m not overly religious, but Easter is one of the “holidays” that my family and I attend church.

5. Participate in Easter brunch

Now Easter isn’t complete until you have brunch. It’s the excuse that we need to spend more quality time together. The kids prepare little sandwiches and the adults prepare the bigger meals. This year I’m bringing something new to the table thanks to Sam’s Club and Coca-Cola. This Raspberry Lemon-Lime Splash was a hit in my household with everyone asking for seconds. Best of all it takes little to no time to make.

Raspberry Lemon-Lime Splash

Here is what you’ll need:


½ bottle of Simply Lemonade® with Raspberry

¾ bottle of Sprite®

2 limes sliced thinly

lots of ice


Step 1. In a large pitcher add your Simply Lemonade® and Sprite® and mix.

Step 2. Add your limes and top with ice

Step 3. Served chilled and enjoy!

Since I have children in my household, at Easter we drink non-alcoholic drinks and I go to Sam’s Club to make sure that I have all that I need. Shopping is so easy, and all the drinks that my family loves are  readily available. From Simply Orange®, Simply Lemonade®, smartwater®, vitaminwater®, Gold Peak® Tea and Sprite®, they are a perfect complement to my Easter brunch.

This year bring fresh flavor to your own Easter table with Coca-Cola and Sam’s Club.

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