How to Motivate Kids to Make Their Own Book

How to Motivate Kids to Make Their Own Book

 Kids grow up really fast and as they do, they need to be equipped with different sets of life skills. Some of these include communication, empathy, responsibility, and discipline. When inspired to become creative, kids often grow up into fine, successful adults. One of the ways you can ensure this is by encouraging bookmaking. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or caregiver, here are some tips you can use to motivate kids to make their own books.

How to Motivate Kids to Make Their Own Book


Making handmade books is a fun, easy, and exciting adventure for every kid. Nothing is as thrilling to a child as writing his own storybooks to share with friends or enjoy during bedtimes. It might prove to be a daunting task in the start, but it gets easier over time. With a little creativity and knowledge from previously read books, your child can be the next renowned writer.

Every story starts with a concept. A quick random run through your old photo album or interesting magazines can inspire smart ideas to your child on how to create his own storybook. You can also start easy, by using animal stories, which kids tend to love and relate to the most. In this case, delightful cat stories for kids will be an amazing option. Encourage the kid to read cat storybooks like:

  • Kiko the Kitty Cat
  • White Cat Black Cat
  • Pete the Cat
  • And the options are endless

You may also encourage him to draw storyline ideas from things that make him feel happy, sad, or scared. Help the child bring in some visuals in the form of drawings from his own imagination if he does not have words to describe the idea. This will bring out creativity and a beautiful piece of a storybook at the end.


A counting book is a remarkable piece for every preschooler and kindergartener. Especially since most kids join preschool without any knowledge of counting, a counting book makes a perfect addition to your child’s numeracy skills and number recognition. It will help your child practice and enjoy counting at ease.

You can motivate your child to learn how to count by encouraging and helping them to make their own counting picture and number books. Help your child cut and paste pictures of items on a book using glue or stickers, then get them to count and fill in how many pictures they are. For instance, they can cut out pictures of trees, balls, sweets, and paste them in on a book. It helps give the kid an edge in arithmetic and math in the future.

How to Motivate Kids to Make Their Own Book


It builds self-esteem and gives the child a sense of pride and achievement as they read through with friends and families their own written stories. Kids are curious and creative creatures. Most of them are naturally disposed toward arts and crafts. Art doesn’t have to be an enormous painting hanging in a museum. It can be found right in your house art corner.

As a parent or guardian, a little jog can help inspire and encourage your child in this rewarding direction. Start by identifying your child’s interest areas and get the craft running. It could be about cars, trucks, nature, animals and so forth. Let your child cut pictures from old magazines, books, and newspapers, and then stick them in a scrapbook. Be sure to make it as exciting as you can. For instance, you can make a craft book out of an exhilarating trip to the farmhouse and translate it to arts and crafts. Give the child a free rein of paper and crayon and let him get crafty as his thoughts flow.


Farm animal bookmaking is a great way of helping kids to amalgamate art, craft, and literacy. Animal craft books are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. It helps them learn with ease the different animals, how they grow, and where they live. For instance, to make a horse craft book, all you need is a template, crayons, glue, a pair of scissors, and the like. Farm animal craft books are easy to make for any kid who is an animal lover. They are also a stunning piece to display in every home. Motivate them by ensuring they have all the necessary supplies and tell them stories about farm animals.

How to Motivate Kids to Make Their Own Book

Inspiring your child to create books comes with tremendous benefits for children. It helps in creating spectacular life memories and building crucial literacy skills. Bookmaking unbolts something surprising in every child. It brings out his creativity, eagerness, and gusto for learning and unleashes talent. As you motivate your child to make a craft book it will forge an inclination towards reading, writing, and art. It’s always fun getting involved as a parent in helping your little kiddos make their own tiny books. 

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