Splash Into Summer: Playdates with your Toddler

This is our final week of our Splash into Summer series and our theme is Friends.  I’m  going to talk about your toddler and friends today. I plan on giving you some tips on how to create that perfect playdate and help your toddler make some friends in the process.

I am a social butterfly and everywhere I go it’s fun having other little people come up to me, well in some cases I go up to them and say “hi”. At 18 months though I’m too self absorbed, yes I said it, to have an actual lifelong friend. Everything is still MINE at this stage but I can get some practice in.

Playdates: Encourage them. 

Playdates are a great way to start building that first friendship. Make sure that your toddler has had a nap and a snack before starting your playdate or you will have one cranky baby and that wouldn’t be any fun. 

Don’t force your toddler to play but instead gently encourage them to play with a few toys and if you must, get down with your toddlers and play as well.

Provide snacks that are healthy but also be aware of any allergies that the other toddler/s might have. You don’t want an allergic reaction on your hands so ask the other mommies beforehand if there are any allergies you should be aware of. If you need ideas of snacks you can read about some of them in our Splash into the Summer: Picknicking with your Toddler

Allergies are not only food related so if you’re hosting the playdate at your house enquire about allergies to pets as well. You may need to keep that furry companion locked away in another room or do another venue altogether. Sorry Kitty! 

My best friend Kitty might not be included

Remember that toddlers don’t necessarily play with each other but rather alongside each other so be reasonable with your expectation. There might not be a lot of sharing since at this stage it’s all about us and it’s all mine. Be on the lookout for bad behavior such as hitting and biting and explain to your toddler that it isn’t nice or acceptable.

I admit your first playdate might not go well but eventually you can have a great one and your toddler may just in fact have his/her first best friend for life.

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